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Watershed Science Technician Program

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Program Information

Contact: Denise Elder, Science Division elderd@lanecc.edu or (541) 463-5446

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What's the starting pay?

  • A full-time beginning technician's salary may range from $26,000 to $48,000 annually. (updated 3/7/16)

Students are enjoying our new Career Technical Program and we are now accepting applications to start Fall, Winter or Spring terms!

Please Download the Application Form, complete it, and submit it to the Science Administration Office as soon as possible -- Watershed Science Technician Application Form

The Watershed Science Technician program trains graduates for entry-level positions in environmental sustainability careers related to conserving, enhancing, restoring and protecting ecological processes in watersheds (stream drainage basins). Graduates will be able to work in multi-disciplinary fields that survey and assess watersheds and develop strategies and solutions to maintain and restore healthy water resources.

Lane's curriculum prepares students to work in the following jobs: watershed resource conservation professionals; stream restoration or water quality technicians; assistant stream ecologists; assistant forest ecologists; environmental technicians; or natural resource specialists for public agencies, non-governmental organizations, nonprofit conservation and restoration organizations, consulting firms, and private restoration companies.

What's the Watershed Science program at Lane like?
Get the scoop from students and faculty in this career preview video.