Natural Resources

Natural Resources

Native landscapePlease take advantage of LCC Forest and Nature Trail (with the outdoor classroom), Native Landscape, and our LCC Wetlands.

For sustainability, and to reduce our carbon footprint, using our campus areas makes sense! This nearby resource allows you to walk directly from the classroom.

Map of Biology 103 Field Trip Destinations: Biology103 Field Trip Map

1. Bldg 16 Native Landscape

The native Landscape project contains eight different documents about the Native Landscape Project and the history here at Lane Community College including information about Educational Use of the Native Landscape.

Native Landscape Publication Site

If you have photos you would like to submit for our website, please download the photo release form and submit it to Gail Baker,

One ongoing project is Phenology Monitoring. Since 2008, Bot 213 students have been monitoring and recording phenological progression of the plants. If you plan a project on the landscape make sure to check in with Gail Baker and Barb Dumbleton about current and past projects and which areas are sensitive.

2. Hillside Habitat (Oak woodland and open meadows) & Nature Trail

Some of the changes through the years

3. Perimeter Plan

Learning Garden: