Bridge of the Gods Summer Academy

Bridge of the Gods Summer Academy

The Bridge of the Gods (Native American Rites of Passage) summer program is designed to teach appropriate indigenous principles of cooperative social interaction to Native American high school students. The Bridge of the Gods program is based in the tradition of honor and respect for all peoples, and students are informed about traditional ways of knowing. The program's purpose is to increase cultural awareness among pre-college age Native youth that will lead to improved academic success and increased self-awareness in the college environment.

Bridge of the Gods, Rites of Passage Leadership Academy

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Important Dates

  • Priority Application Deadline May 31, 2019  JUNE 14, 2019*
  • Required Family Orientation Friday, July 26, 2019
  • Program Dates July 29 to August 9, 2019

Application Instructions

  • Fill out the application legibly in ink 
  • Sign the waiver and permission sections
  • Return the signed application by mail, email, or fax

*Applications will be accepted until July 24 with exceptions. Contact Program Coordinator with questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does BOGSA provide transportation to and from Eugene?

BOGSA provides LTD student bus passes. Please contact Lori Tapahonso, 541-463-5238 to request a student pass for the program dates.

Who is eligible for BOGSA?

All high school students residing in Lane County are eligible, but if there are more applications than available slots there are priorities that are taken into consideration from information provided by the students in their applications: year in high school (Juniors and Seniors have the highest priority) grade point averages, curriculum achieved in high school and the essays they write in the application.

Does this mean freshman and sophomore students can't apply?

No, but because the academic standards are high, these younger students will do better if they are high achievers or highly motivated. All of the students attend class together and our instructors are told to teach to the college level and sometimes the younger students haven't developed the skills in writing and math to pass some of the classes.

If the student doesn't pass all of the classes, are they disqualified from returning to BOGSA?

No. Actually it is just the opposite. If a student doesn't pass all of the academy classes they are given an incomplete for the college credit course and are encouraged to improve their skills when they return to high school then return to try and successfully pass the courses they didn't pass at BOGSA and earn the college credit.

Are the credits the student's earn applicable to a college degree?

Yes and no. The credits are not applicable to 4-year major university requirements if the student goes directly from high school to a major university, but they can if the student attends a community college FIRST before transferring to a major university. Lane Community College offers an Associates of Arts Transfer degree, (where these credits count) and on completion of this degree qualifies the student for automatic admission into any Oregon University System school (University of Oregon, Oregon State University, Eastern Oregon University, Portland State University, Western Oregon University, Southern Oregon University and Oregon Institute of Technology) if the student wants to continue in higher education to that level, so in this instance the credits do apply directly to a students efforts in earning a degree from a major university. The credits also fulfill requirements for most Associates of Arts degrees offered at the community college level should that be the level the students wish to aspire and again the credits apply directly to the student's efforts to receive a degree in higher education at this level.

Is this a residential summer program?

No. BOGSA is a commuter summer day academy. Students can expect ONE over-night camping trip on August 3-4. Details are on the application.

Does my child have to be Native American and/or enrolled in a tribe to attend?

No. BOGSA is open to any student that resides in Lane county. BUT, first priority will be given to students who are citizens of their respective nations, or who self-identify as Native American.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact:
Lori Tapahonso
Native American Student Program Coordinator
Phone: (541) 463-5238

Delaine Burns
Program Assistant
Phone: (541632-2403