Tips for Students

Tips for Students Taking Math Courses

The Importance of The First Week

  • Attending math class the first week of a term is crucial. Whether there is review from the previous course or new material presented, first week attendance and study can impact your overall success in a math class.
  • Your math placement test should be completed before the first day of the term. If you make an appointment to take the test once the term begins, do so with the expectation of enrolling in a math class the following term.
  • If you enroll late for the variable credit MTH 020, 060, 065 or 095 in the Math Resource Center, know that you might not be able to complete all of the credits for the course in one term.
  • If you have questions or concerns, talk with your instructor as soon as is possible.

Placement and Persistence

  • Start taking math classes as soon as you begin your college courses - don’t delay.
  • Your score on the math placement test is an indicator of which math class you should start with. If you feel you have been placed incorrectly, spend time on review materials, get help from a tutor if you need it, and test again. You may take each part of the placement test twice in 3 months through the LCC Testing Department.
  • Contact the Advising Department to help you plan your term-by-term class schedule so you will stay on track and not take unnecessary courses.
  • Math is a "door opener" to many interesting areas of study. Go further than you think you need to. It gives you more flexibility for college majors and career choices.
  • Math 70 is the consolidation of Math 60 and Math 65. It is designed as a review for students who have recently taken algebra but are a bit "rusty." It covers a lot of material very quickly so it is not a good fit for most students. For many students Math 60 is a better place to start, or if you remember much of your beginning algebra, Math 65.

Factors Affecting Math Success

  • Do not skip terms between math classes; If you do, is is likely you will forget some of what you have learned.
  • Know that prerequisite grades or test scores expire. They must have been completed within the past four terms to register for a math course at LCC.
  • If you earn a "C-" grade it is considered passing. However, if you need to take the next course you may want to repeat the "C-" course first since you might not know the material adequately to continue. Math knowledge is a series of "stepping stones" and you need to build each platform well to step on to the next one. Note: Students receiving Financial Aid will want to check with the Financial Aid Office to be certain a repeated course will be paid for.
  • If you do not pass a math class, please get advice on how to succeed (see math advisors, Math Resource Center staff (MRC - 16/169), and your instructor) and take the course again right away.
  • Regularly use the Math Resource Center as a place to study and receive free help from tutors.