Longhouse Reservation Request Form

Longhouse Reservation Request Form

Be sure to review the Longhouse Reservation Information and Guidelines prior to submitting this form.

Please allow us a week to process your application.

Please provide all of the following information for your request:

Reservation Request Form:

Add information here about additional dates and times requested.
This information will also be used as the event description on the Longhouse calendar.
Acknowledgement and Agreement:

By checking the box below, the individual or group representative agrees that they have read the Lane Community College Longhouse Reservation Information, Usage and Guidelines, reviewed the Public Safety website, and will be the individual responsible for seeing to it that he/she or the group they represent adheres to these guidelines. Failure to follow the usage guidelines may jeopardize the individual or group’s future requests to use the Lane Community College Longhouse.

We will contact you by email as to the action taken on you request via the contact information you have provided within approximately one week. If we need further information we will contact you.

If your request is denied or you would like assistance filling out the request form you may schedule an appointment with the Lane Community College Longhouse steward for clarification or assistance. Please call Shianne Walker 541-463-3660 to schedule such an appointment (please leave a message clearly identifying yourself or your group if you do not get an immediate response to your phone call.)