English Department - Film

summer 2018 horror film class posterWant to add some thrills and chills to your summer?

Consider enrolling in FA 270: Film Genre, Horror
CRN 11385 Tues + Thurs @ 1-3:50pm • Meets Arts + Letters Elective
Email for additional information.

Film courses at LCC focus on the aesthetic, historical, cultural, critical, and theoretical analysis of film. The introductory series—CINE 265, 266, and 267, Film History I, II, & III—closely mirrors the University of Oregon's The History of the Motion Picture sequence and is concerned with  aesthetic, technological, cultural, and economic histories of cinema, primarily U.S. film history but also other, international film histories.

A picture of a film cameraOther film courses focus on film movements, genres, and directors. All film courses satisfy an Arts and Letters requirement. Additionally, FA 264 satisfies a Diversity requirement.

The sequence is offered on a yearly basis, while FA 270, Fim Genres (horror, comedy, or noir) and FA 264 (Women Directors) are offered on a rotating basis every 2-3 years.

Summer 2018: FA 270, Film Genre, Horror is being offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays 1-3:50. Film screenings are built in the class times. Questions?  Contact Kate Sullivan

If you have questions about film classes or LCC's student film club, email Kate Sullivan.

If you are interested in making media (video, audio, still photography, graphic design), please visit the Media Arts Program, which offers a suite of media courses (e.g., audio production, video production, and a visual literacy class, Concepts of Visual Literacy, etc.).

What's Happening Around Town:  Check out the Eugene Film Society's Blog and read about the upcoming 72-Hour Horror Film Contest.