Lane Family Connections


Looking for Child Care? boy and girl

Family Connections of Lane and Douglas Counties is YOUR source for information about child care.

Douglas County parents and providers, please call (541) 440-7705 or
1 (800) 222-3290 to reach a consultant in Lane County.

Lane County parents and providers, please call (541) 463-3954
or 1 (800) 222-3290.

Trained consultants match parents' child care needs with possible providers. Included in the initial consultation are a list of referrals, information about choosing quality child care, and other child care related resources.
Best of all, it is a FREE service.

Interested in becoming a child care provider?
Our staff will assist you in starting and maintaining your child care business.  We offer training, support, pathways to licensure, a referral database to market your business and a quarterly newsletter.

Already a child care provider?
Family Connections can refer your child care program to parents looking for care. Your free listing will provide you with resources, support, and training to assist you in maintaining and developing a child care program.