Test Proctoring

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Test Proctoring

A test proctor is a person or a facility that will supervise you while taking an exam. Proctored testing is required for most online courses to ensure academic integrity of the course as well as the online program.

Check your syllabus to see if your course has proctored exams.

Test descriptions, requirements, and schedules are provided by your instructor. Check your course syllabus for details.

  • It is not necessary for local students to submit a Test Proctor Request Form if the course directs them to take exams at the Social Science testing lab or another on-campus location. If you wish to take an exam at the LCC Cottage Grove or Florence centers, you do not need to submit a Test Proctor Approval Form, but please contact the center in advance for exam availability and testing hours.
  • For LCC Instructional Testing Services information, see the Instructional Testing Services website.

Taking Proctored Exams at an Off-Campus Location:

If you are unable to take your exams on campus and live outside Lane County, you will need to make arrangements for a test proctor in your area. It is your responsibility to find an appropriate test proctor.

  • Find a test proctor in your area following the guidelines below.
  • Submit the Test Proctor Approval form.
  • Schedule test appointments with your proctor.
  • Email your instructor to request to have exam information sent to your proctor at least one week in advance of each exam date. Tell your instructor the days and times (including time zone) of your exam appointments.

Finding Your Own Proctor

Proctors must be pre-approved and forms may take a week to process. Please make arrangements for proctored testing at the beginning of the term to prevent delays.

Submit information using the Test Proctor Approval Form. After submitting the proctor approval form, we will contact the proctor to verify contact information and academic integrity requirements of the location. We will notify you if the proctor does not meet approval. You only need to submit one proctor approval form each term (unless you need to change proctors). If approved, your test proctor will be notified and provided access information to administer your tests.

Selecting a proctor who does not meet the acceptable criteria may delay your proctor request. We reserve the right to reject any proposed proctor or any previously approved proctor at any time.

A test proctor must be a neutral third party professional employed with an educational institution or professional testing center. Tests must be administered in a professional testing facility and may not be taken in a private residence. The proctor will need to provide a secure testing environment and a computer with Internet access and monitor the student during the exam. Proctors may charge a fee for their service. The student is responsible for any fees charged by the test proctor.

Proctors must have an official email address that has been assigned to them such as @lanecc.edu, @pcc.edu, or @us.army.mil. Personal email addresses cannot be used.

Acceptable Proctors

  • College testing centers, including but not limited to the Consortium of College Testing Centers
  • Librarians at a school, university, or public library
  • College or university administrators, instructors, or academic advisers
  • Learning/tutoring centers
  • Educational officers of a corporation, military installation, or correctional facility

Unacceptable Proctors

  • Relatives or spouses/partners
  • Friends
  • Co-workers, supervisors or business associates
  • Peers
  • Undergraduate students
  • Athletic coaches

Taking your test

You are responsible for making arrangements with your proctor for test dates and times. Consult your syllabus or contact your instructor to determine which exams you must take. Test sites will not have this information; you must provide it.

  • Bring a form of photo identification
  • Know your L# and Password
  • Know the name of the course (e.g. HIST1301), your instructor, and which exam you are taking (e.g. Quiz1, Midterm, etc.).
  • Bring any items allowed as described in your course syllabus (i.e. calculator, book, notes, etc.)
  • Reminder: cell phones, laptops, and/or PDAs are not allowed during your exam