Distance Education Course Modalities

Distance Education Course Modalities

In all courses, instructors may require you to use Moodle to access assignments or course content. To do that, you’ll need a computer and a stable broadband internet connection. Learn more about accessing Moodle.

Understanding Synchronous and Asynchronous classes

Classes at Lane can be offered synchronously or asynchronously. Synchronous classes usually require at least one scheduled meeting of the entire class each week, whether through online video or on campus, for live discussion, lecture, or hands-on activities. In asynchronous classes, there are no scheduled class meetings. Synchronous classes generally provide a more traditional classroom, or classroom-like experience, while asynchronous classes tend to offer more flexibility for your schedule.

Course modalities


All course content, resources, assignments and assessments are online (usually via Moodle). There are no required meeting times on campus or on Zoom (the courses are asynchronous). Student-to-student interaction, teacher-to-student interaction and social community are hallmarks of online learning.

Online w/In-Person Testing (OT)

Courses in this designation will provide fully asynchronous OR online-synchronous (scheduled meetings over Zoom) instruction but will require students to visit Lane's campus (or another approved testing location) for assessments.


A portion of the class instruction is conducted online (asynchronously) usually via Moodle. The rest is conducted during regularly scheduled in-person or Zoom meetings; attendance is expected. Hybrid In-Person (HIP): Meetings occur at a specified time on campus. Hybrid Zoom (HZ): Meetings occur at a specified time on Zoom.

HyFlex (HF)

A portion of the class instruction is conducted online (asynchronously) usually via Moodle, and the rest is conducted during regularly scheduled meetings. The scheduled meetings are offered in-person and simultaneously on Zoom and attendance is expected. Students can choose on a day-to-day basis whether to attend class either on campus or on Zoom.

Live Streaming (LS)

Live Streaming courses allow students to attend and interact in a course via Zoom at scheduled class meeting times (classes are synchronous). Some Live Streaming classes may be paired with on-campus courses, so students will be part of a class but will attend online (via Zoom and Moodle).

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