Courses and Degrees

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What types of courses are offered?

Choose from one of four types of LaneOnline courses:

Online/Hybrid Courses Online Icon– Classes conducted through the internet using a Moodle, a course management system. Some online courses may have required on-campus exams, labs, or meetings.

Hybrid Courses Online/Hybrid Icon– Hybrid, as the name implies, is a combination of classroom sessions and online activities. A portion of the class instruction is conducted online and the rest is conducted during regularly scheduled classroom meetings.

Telecourses - Courses based on a series of videotaped programs, supplemented by email and the internet. Exams are usually taken on campus.

Live Interactive Video Courses - Participate either by attending in class on campus or by viewing over a video conference system at an off-campus center. Students register for their preferred option.

Click on any of the course types to see a detailed description of how it works, or go to "Are LaneOnline Classes for You?" to see if you are ready to take distance classes and to help you select which type would work best for you.

Can you earn a degree by taking LaneOnline courses?

The Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer degree can be earned through LaneOnline courses. There's an AAOT annual schedule of LaneOnline classes to help you plan a course of study. The Associate of Science and Associate of General Studies degrees can also be completed through LaneOnline.