Courses and Degrees

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Most LaneOnline courses are online courses and hybrid courses. Telecourses and Live Interactive courses are two additional course delivery methods.

Online Courses Online Icon– Classes conducted through the internet using a Moodle, a course management system. 

Hybrid Courses Online/Hybrid Icon– Hybrid, as the name implies, is a combination of regularly scheduled classroom sessions and online activities. A hybrid course is designed to integrate face-to-face and online activities and take advantage of the best features of both so that they reinforce and complement one another. The ratio of classroom time to online activity may vary from course to course.

Telecourses - Courses based on a series of video programs, supplemented by textbooks, assignments and periodic exams. Videos can be streamed. Some telecourses have an optional orientation session during the first week of classes. If no orientation is listed, just log into Moodle to get started.

Live Interactive Video Courses - Video courses originate on the main campus and are sent over a video conferencing system to remote sites. The instructor presents in the classroom and students who are off-campus can participate without having to travel. This method of course delivery is only used by a few specific programs.

Can you earn a degree by taking LaneOnline courses?

The Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer degree can be earned through LaneOnline courses. There's an AAOT annual schedule of LaneOnline classes to help you plan a course of study. The Associate of Science and Associate of General Studies degrees can also be completed through LaneOnline.