Mapleton High School

College Now

Mapleton High School 2017-2018

Articulation Agreement as of 9/01/2017

High School Course Title LCC Course Title Course Number Credits Instructor
Concepts of Computing Concepts of Computing: Information Processing CS 120 4 Longo
Software Applications: HTML Web Authoring I CIS195 4 Longo
Intermediate Algebra Intermediate Algebra MTH095 4 Longo
College Algebra College Algebra MTH111 4 Longo
Trigonometry Trigonometry MTH112 4 Longo
MTH- Statistics Introduction to Probabiltiy and Statistics MTH 243 4 Longo
MTH- Calculus Calculus I Differential Calculus MTH 251 5 Longo
MTh- Calculus Calculus II Integral Calculus MTH 252 5 Longo
Colelge Now English Academic Composition WR 121 4 Nelson