Program of Study

Physical Therapist Assistant

Program of Study

The program is a two-year, concentrated, restricted admission Associate of Applied Science degree program.  All required program courses are found in the catalog.

Students are admitted no more than once year for a fall-term start date.

Interested in applying? Learn more about the student experience (see below) then visit our Application Information page or contact program advising at

First year students

  • Attend PTA lectures through LaneOnline in fall, winter, and spring terms
  • Engage in face-to-face and blended laboratory classes every Thursday for 6-8+ hours on the Main Campus in fall, winter and spring terms
  • Meet on campus or virtually for scheduled mandatory program and class presentations
  • Complete all general education and discipline studies for the AAS degree
  • Study and work with peers 32+ hours a week
  • Practice skills (supervised and unsupervised) in open lab
  • Prepare for clinical internships by meeting medical, background check, CPR, and drug and alcohol screen requirements

Second year students

  • Attend PTA lectures through LaneOnline in fall, winter, and spring term
  • Engage in intensive, blended laboratory classes on selected Mondays at the Main Campus in fall and winter
  • Travel to internships during weeks 3-9 for six weeks of full time (4-5 days/week, 7-10 hours/day) supervised clinical practice in a rehabilitation setting in fall, winter, and spring terms
    • Placement in clinical internships is subject to outcomes of a criminal background check, proof of immunity to certain diseases, drug and alcohol screen, and current AHA CPR for Healthcare Professional
  • Present a service learning project to the communitty
  • Prepare for the NPTAE (licensing exam)