Principles that Drive the Governance System

  1. The governance system should embody and support the college's vision, mission, core values, strategic directions and learning principles.
  2. The board of education, students, classified staff, faculty, managers/administrators all have a role in college governance.
  3. Stakeholders in the college governance system are identified as classified staff, faculty, managers, and students.
  4. The governance system should provide stakeholders full participation in decision making at the earliest possible moment and rely on their collective wisdom.
  5. Stakeholders have a right to representation on college governance committees. Stakeholders determine their representatives within their established processes.
  6. As directed by the board, the president is responsible for developing the college governance system. The president is responsible to the board for decisions made in the governance system.
  7. The governance system should be efficient and effective, balancing the need for timely, informed decisions with the need to provide adequate time for meaningful participation in decision-making processes.
  8. The governance system should encourage and promote a wide range of opportunities for many people to provide leadership regardless of their formal positions at the college.
  9. The governance system should provide for clear, frequent, consistent, and timely communication within governance groups and between groups and the wider college community.
  10. The college governance system should provide for clear decision processes.
  11. The governance system should be open and provide for consistent and accessible records of council and committee work.
  12. The governance system should clearly define and align the authorities, responsibilities and relationships among the board, managers, faculty, classified staff, and student
  13. The governance system should provide support necessary for staff and students to participate and contribute usefully.
  14. Participants in the governance system should have access to pertinent information to fulfill their role in governance.