Facilities Council

The Facilities and Tech Council pages have been merged into the Infrastructure Council. This page is maintained to provide access to the council meeting records.

Facilities Council


  • Facilities Council Decision Matrix (update coming in fall)


The Facilities Council will develop, review, and evaluate plans and policies and set directions for facilities in accordance with the vision, mission, core values, learning principles, and strategic plan of the college.

Scope of Work:

  • Develop and review:
    • Facilities Master Plan
    • Facilities 5-year Plan
    • Annual construction/remodel/renovation plan
    • Sustainability plan
    • Long-range transportation plan
    • Emergency preparedness plan
  • Formulate policies and/or criteria/guidelines for:
    • Sustainable practices (including energy management, indoor/outdoor environment monitoring and practices, waste management, recycling)
    • Space assignment
    • Remodel/renovation of facilities
    • Parking
    • Emergency response
  • Assess and evaluate the effectiveness of the plans and policies


  • VP for College Operations 1
  • VP for Instruction and Student Services 1
  • Facilities Management and Planning Director 1
  • Health and Safety Director 1
  • Faculty 2
  • Classified 2
  • Managers 2
  • Students 2
  • Additional members by position 0-4

The Safety Committee has legal standing as a management-employee committee and should be represented on the Facilities Council; however, it is not a subcommittee of the Facilities Council and is not part of the governance structure.