About Lane Community College Foundation


In support of Lane Community College,

  • We inspire donors to invest in Lane Community College's power to transform lives;
  • We build relationships with community and college stakeholders;
  • We manage and grow our endowment;
  • We ensure the appropriate use of all funds; and
  • We increase access to quality education through student scholarships


Powering education. Anything's possible. Lane Community College Foundation will be the first choice for donors investing in education. We will dramatically increase fundraising to contribute to the financial sustainability of Lane Community College and increase access and opportunities for students, staff and other lifelong learners.

Our Leaders

Wendy Jett, Foundation Director
Wendy Jett

It's hard for me to believe that I've served as the Director of the Foundation for over a year. What a year it's been! Thank you so much for welcoming me into this new role – your support and enthusiasm for Lane Community College and our students has made such a difference.

Our Foundation team spent the last year building on the fantastic work done by my predecessor, Janet Anderson. During her ten years as Foundation Director, Janet grew the Foundation into a fundraising powerhouse, and we are now poised to continue our upward trajectory. It's been an exciting time – we have several new hires in the office and we continue to welcome new volunteers and industry partners.

One of the best parts of my job is that it is twofold. I spend a lot of my time speaking with friends like you about gifts in support of our students, and fundraising is indeed a very large part of what I do. But I also get to oversee the other side of our operations – what happens after a gift is made. I get to see the reaction of our students when they realize that they received a scholarship and their life has changed. I am able to see the transformation of a building from an outdated structure into a robust hub for learning, and the reactions of the students and faculty who are able to use new resources available to them. I am able to see endowments grow, opportunities expanded and careers started. Of course, I am just a facilitator – it's really you who are making all of these things happen.

I invite you to visit our campus, talk with a scholarship recipient or a faculty member, and see what you made possible. I guarantee that you will be inspired, moved, and satisfied when you see what you have done. I know that I am inspired by you, your support, and your passion for our students – and I am so excited to continue this journey with you.

Mary Spilde, President, Lane Community College

Mary F. T. Spilde President, Lane Community College
Thanks to friends like you, 2013 was another successful year for Lane Community College and our students. When our students achieve success, so does our community as a whole. Many people are surprised when I tell them that in any given term, nearly ten percent of Lane County residents are enrolled in a class at Lane. But it's not that surprising if you think about it. Whether it's a transfer student preparing for future studies, a diesel mechanic learning his or her trade, a chef in training, an older adult making a career change, a community member taking a language class, an entrepreneur getting their start through our Small Business Development Center, or a nurse getting her bachelor's degree from OHSU here on our campus. We are the hub of our community's education.

2014 will mark Lane Community College's 50th anniversary. Before we celebrate a historic anniversary, I want to celebrate the successes of the past year with you. In 2013, you helped us transform lives. We distributed nearly $700,000 in foundation scholarships to our students. We had our most successful Harvest Dinner to date, raising $300,000 to support the Foundation and our students. We celebrated four new distinguished alumni. We welcomed a new Foundation Director, and the Foundation Board and LCC Board of Education began crystallizing plans for what's next for the Foundation and the College.

So, what is next? It's clear that as we move forward, the Foundation and donors like you will continue to play an even more critical role. We need more scholarships that change the lives of students like Caitlin Roeder. We need more modern facilities. As I write this, the center of our campus is under construction as we create a 21st-century campus hub that will provide students with a one-stop shop for library, tutoring, technology support and collaborative meeting space. We want to be a catalyst that will shape and grow our local economy, not only do we want students to graduate job-ready, but we want to bring our corporate and community partners together to chart the course of our local and regional industry for the next fifty years. These are big dreams, but I know that with friends like you, they are possible.