Food Services

LCC Food Court

  • LimeFresh
    With south-of-the-border inspired recipes, this venue focuses on the vibrant and bold flavors of the Latin world.
  • CrushBurger
    CRUSH Burger turns locally and sustainably sourced ingredients into incredible culinary delights.
  • StoneFire
    Stonefire: Imagine an Italian pizzeria and delicatessen centered around a warm and wonderful Woodstone oven. Sign me up!
  • B&D's Country Kitchen
    B & D's Country Kitchen: For all you diehard "Thanksgiving Thursday" fans, this is for you. All of the best, classic recipes from LCC Foodservice over the past 30 years is what you want--and it's what you'll get right here.
    B&D Country Kitchen Daily Lunch Specials will be Chef's Choice through May 26 when B&D will close for the rest of Spring term.
  • Blenders - 2nd floor Center Building
    Blenders. Same great coffee, awesome new location on the second floor, with expanded bakery and deli offerings.
  • Health and Wellness Café (Building 30)
  • RawBerry
    RawBerry: All-raw fruits, vegetables, juices and smoothies, along with a delectable selection of fresh soups, sandwiches and salads. Yum!
  • FiveSpice
    Five Spice: Asian fusion wok cooking, with recipes from China, India and all points in between.

When creating the concepts for the food court, we redeveloped each recipe with several goals in mind. First, to make as many items as possible from scratch. This allows us to replace products that contain chemical preservatives with items prepared in house using whole foods. We also feel that this provides a better quality of product. Our second goal was to use local and sustainable sources for our products. Our hamburger meat comes from a ranch in Junction City, Oregon. This beef is fed off the spent grains from the Ninkasi Brewery's fermentation process. Our breads are fresh baked at two local bakeries, one of which is a non-profit providing disabled adults with important employment training. Our third goal is to move from large batch cooking, to cooked-to-order or small-batch cooking. This ensures that our patrons are getting the freshest product possible, while minimizing food waste.