Rights and Responsibilities

Award Information - Your Rights and Responsibilities

Student Rights

As a student applying for or receiving financial aid, you have the right to know: 

  • The financial aid programs available to you
  • The procedures and deadlines for applying
  • The cost of attendance (Student Budget)
  • The criteria used in awarding aid and how Student Need is determined
  • The terms and conditions of any aid accepted
  • How and when aid will be disbursed
  • The College's refund policy
  • The repayment consequences of withdrawing from the College
  • How SAP is evaluated and what happens if it is not maintained
  • How to appeal decisions concerning aid

Student Responsibilities

As a student applying for or receiving aid, it is your responsibility to: 

  • Monitor your myLane, myFinances account weekly
  • Complete applications accurately and on time
  • Read and follow all instructions when submitting information
  • Read and retain copies of all forms you submit
  • Choose an academic program and understand the requirements for your program
  • Comply with the terms of any Federal Work Study job accepted
  • Maintain SAP Standards
  • Notify us if you receive educational funding from sources that do not appear on your award letter
  • Borrow wisely