All registration begins at 7 a.m. in myLane. Check the Registration Calendar for important dates.

Look in myLane for YOUR specific registration time:

  • Go to the "myEnrollment" tab
  • Click on the link in the center of the page that says, "When Can I Register?" This page will give you ALL the information you need to know if and when you are eligible to register.
  • Lane has a staged early registration for Continuing Credit students, based on how many credits you have earned at Lane prior to the term you are registering for.
  • New degree-seeking Credit Students will be cleared to register prior to the Open Registration date, IF you have completed all "Steps to Enroll" prior to that date.
  • Non-degree-seeking Credit Students will be cleared to register on the Open Registration date.

If you are a New Credit Student: You must complete ALL "Steps to Enroll" prior to the Friday before the term begins, or you will need to wait until the following term.

Are you a Senior Citizen wanting to take a Tuition Free class?  Here is a link to information about Lane's Senior Credit Tuition Waiver Option! Be sure to follow all the directions for a tuition-free class.

Your previous term's account balance must be paid in full by the Prior Term Due Date. If you do not pay the previous term's account balance in full, your future classes will be dropped from your schedule.

Continuing Education/Non-Credit Students

New Registration System for Continuing Education. CE students taking classes through Cottage Grove or the Downtown Campus will register for classes using a format similar to an online shopping cart. The student will create a profile, sign in, select a class, and purchase the class with a credit or debit card. Find out more and register using the new registration system.

To register for Florence Continuing Education Classes:

For registration dates see Registration Calendar. Most Continuing Education registration begins on the Open Registration date.

To request disability-related accommodations that will facilitate your full participation in this event, please contact Center for Accessible Resources immediately:
(541) 463 -5150 (voice); 711 (relay); Building 1, 218; or


Call Enrollment Services: (541) 463-3100