Emergency Preparedness at Lane

Lane Community College Emergency Preparedness

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Mission Statement:

To promote, encourage and foster the preparedness of Lane Community College’s students, faculty, staff, and visitors in the event of an emergency or disaster. Lane provides a management framework for responding to major emergencies that may threaten the health and safety of Lane, or disrupt its programs and operations. The plans address earthquakes, fires or explosions, hazardous materials releases, extended power outages, floods, threatening individuals, and more.

Emergency Preparedness pamphlet - promoting Emergency Preparedness at Lane  

The Emergency Planning Team at Lane Community College consists of representatives from Facilities Management Planning, Public Safety, Human Resources, the Vice-President of College Services office, Public Information Office, Information Technology, Risk Management, and the student body.

Emergency Planning prepares for all emergencies, acts in leadership roles during those emergencies, and facilitates the business continuity plan afterwards. All Emergency Planning Team members have significant FEMA incident command system training and experience. The Incident Command System, is a nationally recognized platform that facilitates interoperability and deliberate emergency management.

Examples of Key Tasks During an Emergency

Lane offers notifications to students and faculty in the event of a campus emergency and/or school closure with LaneAlert. Though Lane's current system will be changing in the near future, the following link provides information for signing up to receive these alerts.

LaneAlert Emergency Notification

Note: Prepare at Home

Personal Workplace Emergency Preparedness Kit