Early Outreach and Referral Program

Early Outreach and Referral Program

What is the Early Outreach and Referral Program?

Early Outreach provides proactive, individualized support to students to help you succeed. Our staff who are trained as resource specialists and content specialists who can tutor in specific subjects--plus connect you with campus and community support. We stay with you throughout your Lane experience to help you navigate whatever comes up.

Who benefits from Early Outreach?

A wide range of students can benefit. This includes students who are at extreme risk of not completing the course as well as those who are overwhelmed or not achieving their full potential.

How do students get invited to join?

Anyone concerned about a student (faculty, staff, other students, or students themselves, etc.) can refer students who would benefit from additional coaching and support. Referrals are made using an online form (link will be available here on 9/27/21). Students may be referred due to concerns about absences, missing homework, difficulties at home, or other issues that might impact student success. Don’t worry: if you are referred, you are not in trouble. Someone who cares is paying attention and wants to make sure you are connected with resources.

Referrals go to your class subject Early Outreach Specialist, who will contact you to learn more about your background and come up with a success plan that meets your individual needs. Lane has Early Outreach Specialists for business, math, and social sciences classes, as well as Specialists who can help with reading, writing, or communication/speech projects for any class.

What forms of assistance do the Early Outreach Specialists provide?

In addition to providing tips for your college experience and helping with planning, Early Outreach Specialists can provide weekly tutoring and time management support. They will connect you to any resources that may benefit you, including advising, counseling, financial aid, tutoring, and other campus and community services/resources. Emails and phone call follow-ups are built in to help ensure students successfully achieve their goals.


Email: earlyoutreach@lanecc.edu