Advisory Committee

Advisory Committee 2015-2016

Jean Bishop - LCC Early Childhood Education Faculty Coordinator

Katheryn Blair - LCC Child and Family Center Coordinator

Donna Copeland - Center Director, Springfield Learning Tree

Pamela Duvall - LCC  Adjunct Faculty/ Community Trainer Family Connections

Jessica Girts - 2nd year ECE Student

Elisabeth Grundmeyer - 4-J Public Schools, Graduate

Bev Hickey - Child and Family Education Faculty

Becky Lamoureux - Director Moss Street Children's Center

Elizabeth Lindbloom - DHS Branch Manager

Kathleen Lloyd - Child and Family Education Faculty

Philip Martinez - Social Science Interim Dean

Karyn Mestler - LCC Child & Family Center Teacher

Ben Minnis - Coop Family Center Pedagogical Coordinator

Kaneesha Nichols-Smith - 2nd Year Early Childhood Education Student

Sue Norton - LCC CFE Management Coordinator

Heather O'Leary - Coordinator LCC Family Connections of Lane and Douglas County

Crystal Persi - Special Populations Quality Improvement Coordinator for ELD

Terra Ralph - Community Resource Coordinator Dept. of Human Services

Mary Margaret Reynolds - Head Start of Lane County

Jessica Richardson - 2nd Year Early Childhood Education Student

Michel Ronning - LCC CFE Administrative Coordinator

Jeanine Taylor - Early Childhood Cares