Spark Academy Frequently Asked Questions

Spark Academy Frequently Asked Questions

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When can I register my child in Spark Academy?

Registration begins Monday, April 15 at 8 am. Use this Registration Guide to help you.

“My child is 9, but wants to attend a camp for the 12-15 y.o. age group” or “My child is 14 and wants to attend a camp for 8-11 year olds.”Do you make exceptions?

Unfortunately, no. We hold firm on maintaining two distinctive age groups. We build our curriculum to be appropriate for these age groups based on child development principles.

What is the camper-to-adult ratio?

Adult-to-camper ratio ranges from 1 to 2 at minimum enrollment, and 1 to 6 at maximum enrollment.

My child has special learning needs. Are resources available?

Resources are available for your child. Please contact Center for Accessible Resources at least two weeks prior to your child’s camp to allow time for coordination.To request assistance or accommodations, contact the Center for Accessible Resources the Center for Accessible Resources at (541) 463-5150 or

Why are camps only Monday through Thursday?

Lane Community College is not open on Fridays during summer term, as per College contracts with Faculty and Classified staff. On Fridays, all buildings are closed, and all staff and faculty are off duty.

Is lunch provided?

No, we are not able to provide lunches. Please send your child to camp with a nut-free sack lunch, snacks, and any beverages they need. Once registered, you will receive detailed instructions on this and other topics.

Are economic hardship scholarships available?

Yes, a limited number of economic hardship assistance packages are available. Download and complete the assistance application and return to Continuing education prior to registering for camps. Assistance awards are awarded until funding is depleted, and are given on a first-come, first-served basis.

When and how do I apply for an assistance award?

We will be collecting applications longer if assistance awards remain available. Download and complete the assistance application.

What is your drop policy?

If you are registered and your child cannot attend Spark for any reason, you’ll need to request a drop by the Sunday before the camp starts by emailing

Still have questions? We can help.

Call, visit or email:
Lane Continuing Education
101 West 10th Eugene, Oregon
Phone: (541) 463-6100