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Current Exhibit

Main Art Gallery

1/8 to 3/22: Renee Couture, Recapture

Grandpa's Forest by Renee Couture

Grandma's Garden by Renee Couture

“Recapture” opens January 8th

The Lane Community College Art Gallery is proud to present Recapture, an exhibition featuring work from regional artist Renee Couture. Renee works in multiple mediums with this current exhibition featuring mixed media and sculpture installation.

Artist Statement:

Influenced by both the personal and the political, I draw inspiration from the historical and social landscape of place. Using my own rural community as a starting point, I articulate the complexity and range of the public's relationship with their nearby landscape. I point to the tension between the literal and conceptual values imbued upon a place, our interactions with wild and managed landscapes, and the convergence of ecological integrity and social well-being. I recognize we have a variety of relationships with nature and I consider how those relationships shift and reshape over time. 

My project-based practice moves fluidly between sculpture, photography and drawing, allowing my ideas to dictate media, form, and process. I apply formal and conceptual strategies to re-contextualize and re-appropriate everyday objects and imagery - 2x4s, fencing, travel trailers, flowers, text - to point to social values. My work employs subtle embellishments and alterations that hold meaning to make the work mentally, emotionally, and physically approachable.

My work is firmly rooted in my living in the West, specifically Pacific Northwest timber country. These bodies of work are my attempt at understanding the place I now call home.   

This exhibition runs from January 8th to March 22nd. The gallery will be hosting an artist talk and reception on Wednesday, February 21st at 2:00 pm with a reception immediately following.


Sister Art Gallery

1/8 to 2/8: Matthew Derezinski, Time of Remembrance

Print by Matthew Derezinski

“Time of Remembrance” opens January 8th

The Lane Community College Art Gallery is proud to present Time of Remembrance, an exhibition featuring work from Missouri artist, Matthew Derezinski. Matthew’s works are manipulated imagery, creating rich narrative that is then digitally printed on various surfaces such as metal.

Artist Statement:

This work incorporates layers of textural and organic imagery that draws upon my interest in decaying architecture, nature and the Mid-Western landscape in which I live. This imagery, rich in personally derived symbolism, is organized into mystical and mysterious landscapes. It is my hope that the viewer can relate to the work on a subconscious or emotional level. While the stories created in the work are not explicit, I incorporate symbols that, like signposts, encourage the viewer to navigate the implied narratives in their own way, based on their own personal experience.

This exhibition runs from January 8th to February 8th.

The Lane Community College Art Gallery is located in Building 11, LCC main campus, 4000 E. 30th Ave., Eugene. The gallery features main and sister exhibit areas. Hours are Mondays through Fridays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Admission is free. For details call (541) 463-5409.

To request disability-related accommodations that will facilitate your full participation in this event (such as Sign Language interpreting, Braille, electronic text, visual describer), please contact Center for Accessible Resources at least one week in advance: (541) 463-5150 (voice); 711 (relay); Building 1, 218; or