Frequently Asked Questions

Who is my advisor?

See the advising teams for each Career Community.

How often should I see my advisor?

We recommend that you see your advisor at least once a term prior to registering for courses. You can see your advisor at any point of the term.

Can I see more than one advisor?

Yes. Each department has at least two advisors. You are welcome to see the same advisor consistently, or whichever advisor is available at the time of your visit.

I'm having trouble choosing a major or degree. Who can help?

If you haven't decided on a major or program of study, we recommend that you see a Success Coach or Career Counselor in Building 1, Room 103 for help with career exploration.

Can my advisor register me for classes?

Advisors can recommend courses for you to take each term, but it is your responsibility to register yourself for courses. Students typically do not register for courses in advisors' offices.

How do I schedule an appointment with my advisor?

Lane's advisors see students during drop-in advising hours. For the most up to date advising hours, call the Academic Advising Center at (541) 463-3800.

Can I earn an Associate Degree in two years?

It is common for students to take more than two years to complete an Associate degree. Completion time depends on where students place in writing and math and how many credits students take each term.

What's the difference between an academic advisor and a counselor?

Academic advisors can help you with your academic path and credit course loads. Counselors are trained to help with any emotional difficulties you might be encountering at school and/or in your personal lives.

What is a full-time course load?

Lane runs on the quarter system, and a full-time course load means that you are registered for at least 12 credits or more.

Can academic advisors help me with financial aid questions?

Please address your financial aid questions to Lane's Financial Aid Advisors in Building 1, Lobby.