Lane Academic Advising

Lane Academic Advising assists students in planning and meeting their educational goals. The center provides academic and career advising.

Lane Community College’s academic advising model is replicated in many two- and four-year institutions, and meets the standards of the National Academic Advising Association. The model addresses the student’s development from enrollment through graduation. Services encompass student retention, academic advising (student advocacy, program development, course selection, career advising, scheduling and decision-making, and referrals) as well as career and retention counseling (career and life planning, counseling and dealing with obstacles including personal issues that impede success).

Lane uses a comprehensive centralized professional advising unit, with academic advisors, counselors, faculty, and other key staff. Advising teams have shared responsibilities to provide a managed advising system for students. The advising teams are clusters or “neighborhoods” identified with: instructional programs, geographical areas and diversity services areas. An administrator oversees all advising functions.

Lane Academic Advising offers students several academic advising services. They help students:

  • learn about Lane services and programs
  • understand college procedures and policies
  • obtain up-to-date written information about requirements for Lane programs and degrees
  • plan course schedules to meet personal needs and program requirements
  • understand how credits from prior colleges may be used toward Lane degrees and certificates
  • select from Lane courses that meet degree requirements at Lane and at four-year schools throughout the state
  • develop ways to do well in classes and feel satisfied about school

View a list of academic advising teams and their locations on campus. For students who are undecided, they can see any Lane Academic Advisor, contact Lane Academic Advising in Buidling 1, Room 103 for assistance.

Students can access their academic advisor:

Academic advisors have in-depth knowledge of academic departments’ procedures and resources. New students meet with a department counselor or academic advisor during the first term at Lane. These meetings orient students to their academic programs and provide help with course planning. Students are encouraged to meet with an academic advisor on a regular basis throughout their stay at Lane.

Representatives from four-year schools in the state make regular visits to Lane Community College to meet with students considering transfer. Information regarding these visits are available through Lane Academic Advising.