How do I declare or change my major

How do I declare or change my major/program of study?

At Lane, students declare their own degree program, with help from an academic advisor, and during the admissions process.

How do I declare my initial major/program?

When you complete the admissions application you will be asked to declare a degree or program. The next time you meet with an academic advisor, you’ll confirm your choice with them. You may choose one program of study to declare at a time. If you choose an AAS, which also has an embedded 1-year, 2 year or less than one-year certificate, you will automatically have these added to your list of degrees unless already awarded.

How can I change my major/program?

Because making a change to your program of study can have so many impacts, it’s important you first meet with your academic advisor. If you receive financial aid to go to school, it is also important to check with a Financial Aid Specialist before making changes to your degree or program of study to make sure this will not affect your financial aid eligibility.

Requests for changes that are made after the second week of the term, will become effective the term following the request, unless otherwise approved by your academic advisor.

To initiate your program change request:

  • Make an appointment with your Academic Advisor
  • Complete the electronic form your advisor will send to you
  • Meet with Financial Aid, Veterans Benefits or your 3rd party funding source to make sure that the changes will not affect your funding.

Changes will be processed within 5-7 business days once your form has been submitted. Your myGradPlan will reflect these changes immediately.