Spring Term Offers:

Free GED Ready tests (for eligible students)

Spring Term Orientation Schedule

Downtown Campus - Mary Spilde Center​

Room 203,101 West 10th Ave, Eugene, OR 97401
New Student Orientation
March 17th & 19th - 12:00 pm (noon) or 5:30 pm

Main Campus

4000 East 30th Ave, Bldg 11, Room 208, Eugene, OR  97405
New Student Orientation
March 16th & 18th - 10:00 am

ABSE/GED Orientation Schedule

Who: All new students must attend both orientation days ~ see dates below. During orientation you will meet with the instructor and/or other instructional staff to get a sense of what to expect from ABSE/GED classes. Returning students should check in with the front office first, if they have been in the program prior to the current year.

What: Orientations are scheduled at least twice each term, and take about 6 hours over 2 days (Approximately 2 hours the first day and about 4 the second day):

Day 1 Session (about 2 hours): You will learn about our program and complete new student admissions forms.

Day 2 (about 4 hours): You will be given assessment tests, called CASAS tests, in the subjects that you will be studying – reading and math to help place you into the proper classes. The multiple-choice reading and math tests are taken on a computer. You will then meet with the ABSE Staff to set up your LCC Student G-Suite (email) account.

Why: The orientation process helps us place you in the appropriate courses designed to prepare you to either take the GED test, the college placement tests, or to achieve other goals involving reading, writing, and math.

Where: See chart below. Find your location in the first column, then follow that line across to find out when and where the orientations are held.

Spring Term: Starts on March 30th, 2020

Frequently Asked Questions

Orientation Schedule

Location Goal/Program Orientation Dates for Spring 2020 Term Room/Phone

Main Campus
4000 E. 30th Ave, Eugene, OR

GED and College Preparation

New classes begin March 30, 2020

New Spring Student Session:
Monday & Wednesday
March 16th & 18th @ 10 am

Bldg 11, Rm 208
(541) 463-5214

Mary Spilde Center
101 West 10th Ave., Eugene, OR

GED and/or College Preparation

New classes begin March 30, 2020

New Spring Student Session: Tuesday & Thursday, March 17th & 19th @ 12:00 pm (noon) or 5:30 pm

Check in: Room 203, at the Mary Spilde Center.

Signs will be posted to direct students to correct classroom on the day of orientation.
(541) 463-6180

Springfield Goodwill
102 30th St, Springfield, OR

GED and/or College Preparation

New/Returning Students: 

New students may start on Fridays at 9:00 am

Springfield Goodwill
(541) 747-3909

Junction City
505 Maple St, Junction City, OR

GED and/or College Preparation

New/Returning Students: 

New students may start on Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday at 5:30 pm

Junction City Community Learning Center
(541) 463-6187

Cottage Grove
1275 S. River Rd., Cottage Grove, OR

GED and/or College Preparation

New/Returning Students:

New students may start on Tuesdays/Wednesdays/Thursdays at 9:30 am

LCC Cottage Grove, Rm 136
(541) 463-4214

3149 Oak St, Florence, OR

GED and/or College Preparation

New/Returning Students: 

New students may start Mondays at 5:30 pm or Tuesdays at 9:30 am.

LCC @ Florence, Rm 123
(541) 463-4835