Lane Community College Student Stephanie Lamson Wins Prestigious DAISY Award for Nursing Excellence

February 28, 2024
Lane Community College Student and LPN Stephanie Lamson (right) is presented the DAISY Award by McKenzie-Willamette Medical Care Unit Manager Miranda Perrigan

EUGENE, Ore. — Stephanie Lamson, a dedicated nursing student at Lane Community College and LPN at McKenzie Willamette Hospital, was recently honored with the DAISY Award for her exceptional commitment to compassionate patient care.

The DAISY Award, established by the Barnes family in 1999, recognizes extraordinary nurses who go above and beyond in their service to patients and their families. It is a symbol of appreciation for the outstanding contributions nurses make to the lives of others. 

Lamson's journey to nursing excellence began with her completion of the nursing assistant course and the licensed practical program at Lane Community College, followed by her pursuit of the ADN program as an LPN to RN Bridge student. Alongside her studies, Lamson has been making a tangible difference as an LPN at McKenzie Willamette Hospital since 2018.

Jennifer Tavernier, Associate Dean of HPHPE/Director of Nursing at Lane Community College, expressed pride in Lamson's achievements, stating, "We are so proud of Stephanie for her hard work and dedication to becoming a nurse, and then becoming a nurse who goes above and beyond to deliver compassionate, exceptional nursing care."

For Lamson, the award is not only a testament to her own dedication but also an opportunity to inspire others. "It was an honor to win this award but it’s also an honor that it’s being shared so widely. I hope that I can be an inspiration to others," Lamson shared.

Lamson's path to nursing was one of determination and commitment. Despite initially pursuing a different career path, she never lost sight of her childhood aspiration to become a nurse. Her journey back to nursing school was marked by perseverance, navigating challenges, and overcoming obstacles.

Speaking on her choice of Lane Community College, Lamson explained, "I chose Lane because not only was it my local community college and just a short distance from my home but Lane also has a reputation of producing high quality nurses. I wanted to attend a school that would teach me, challenge me and help me become the best nurse I could be."

The nomination for the DAISY Award came from a patient's wife, highlighting Lamson's profound impact on the lives of those she cares for. Lamson's dedication and exemplary patient care earned her the esteemed recognition, presented at a ceremony where she was celebrated alongside peers and colleagues.

Lane Community College’s LPN-to-RN Bridge program empowers LPNs to advance their careers by providing a comprehensive curriculum that blends theoretical knowledge with hands-on clinical practice. The program emphasizes effective communication, critical thinking, clinical reasoning, and sound nursing judgment.


Rebecca I. Long

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