BAS Business Management program opens a 4-year degree to new audiences

February 13, 2024
 Instructor Corey Murphy teaches a class at Lane Community College

EUGENE, Ore. — For every student at Lane Community College there is a unique story about what led them to enroll. The new Bachelor of Applied Science in Applied Business Management program at Lane – the first bachelor degree at the community college – is no different. From wanting to start their own business to preparing for a promotion at work, the BAS in Applied Business Management is versatile enough for everyone, according to the team of faculty members who championed the program that starts in September.

“This degree was designed for those folks who are working full-time, maybe completed their associate's degree, but still get passed over for promotion because they need the bachelor's degree,” said Instructor Corey Murphy. “Until now, there hasn't been an option for those students that doesn't require an arduous time or financial commitment. The BAS in Applied Business Management is a great option for those students. It still won't be easy- we want to graduate high-performing students- but for those who are willing to make the commitment to their education, Lane is offering a low-cost, obtainable pathway to a bachelor's degree.”

Lane Instructor Marci Hansen agrees. “Students who complete Lane's degree will go into a business with confidence and with all the skills to succeed,” she said. “They will speak the language, they will be familiar with all the concepts, and they will have less learning time than people from other programs.  The other people who will benefit from this program are employers and the local community. Employers will get more qualified employees and more successful businesses will be started because of this degree.”

The first of its kind program at Lane will admit 35 students per term, ensuring smaller class sizes. Lane's Bachelor's in Applied Business Management program aligns with the state of Oregon's definition of Applied Bachelor of Science programs, which are workforce-oriented and prepare individuals for high-value career opportunities. What sets Lane's program apart is its exclusive focus on business topics.

The idea of a bachelor’s degree that allows students to exclusively study business related subjects was a dream come true for student Janell Ritz. She hopes to be able to secure a freelance role upon graduation. “I like working from home and sometimes at an office. So freelancing has been an option that I have been looking into. As a business manager I can do all the things I learned with my degree,” Ritz said.

Students must have an associate degree or its equivalent to apply. Once accepted, the course work, which is primarily online with one evening  a week in person meetings, will take seven terms or just under two years to complete. In addition to the theoretical framework that a bachelor’s degree provides, the BAS requires students to demonstrate and master hands-on skills in business. According to Lane Instructor Marci Hansen, that means students are ready for their new or expanded career on day one. 

“Instead of just having the credential of having a ‘Bachelor's Degree’ when a student graduates, they will have all the skills they need to be a manager of a business,” said Hansen, “All of the classes, literally every class they take for this degree will give them skills to manage a business. It's a really special and unique program.”

For Murphy there are benefits to the program that others don’t necessarily think of when looking at higher education. “There's a lot more to being a student than just taking classes- they have to drive to campus multiple times per week, re-organize their schedule every quarter, and manage the differences in how learning takes place between different disciplines,” he said. “One of the great things about this program is that we've eliminated a lot of that sort of overhead, so students can focus on their classes instead of getting stuck in the hidden parts of being a student that we often don't think about.”

The application process is now open, and interested individuals are encouraged to apply today. For more information about the  program and to submit an application, please visit

Rebecca Long, Director of Marketing and Strategic Communications

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