Facilities Management and Planning

Facilities Management and Planning

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There are limited departmental staff on site. Many of our staff are working remotely to answer your questions.

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Email: facilitiesoffice@lanecc.edu
Voice Messaging: 541-463-5000

Center Building South Elevator Project August 31 - October 10

As part of the Center Building South Elevator Project, the contractor will have a crane on-site to remove old equipment and move new equipment to the roof of the building.

The crane will be arriving on Monday, August 31 @ 7:00 am. Set-up should take about (2) hours. The crane pick/flight will take about (4) hours. Tear down will take about (2) hours. Before setup and after tear down the access road on the south side of the Center Building will be temporarily closed to allow for the crane to safely access and leave the site. During the pick/flight time access to the area will be limited. This includes the area between Building 12 and the Center Building, the second floor (exterior) area to the east of Center Building as well as interior areas on the second, third and fourth floor (south end) of Center Building.

View the overview of the crane safety plan for the exterior of the building, and a map of the unavailable areas for the Center Building South Elevator Project.

Aviation Academy Building Project July 23 - September 28

Airport Roofing Project will start on Building #44, move to the breezeway and then to the flat sections of the roof on Building #43.

Please be advised that materials will be staged on the southeast corner of Building #44 and will be using the south side of Building #44 to load materials onto the roof. Caution tape and cones will be in place to provide space around the job site and the building. They will also protect entrances/exits for pedestrians. View this Aviation Academy Building Project map for detailed information of the area described.

Track Resurfacing Project August 3 - September 30

The track will be closed from August 3 - September 20 during the Track Resurfacing Project.

includes installation of a drainage system to help move water off the track surface, cleaning and pressure washing, overlay of a new track surface and new paint/striping. The contractor will be using the gravel lot at the NE corner of the track to stage materials. They will also be installing temporary fencing (e.g. snow fencing) at the north end of the track. This project was approved at the July Board of Education meeting and is funded by the 2020 Bond.

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