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Vice President, Finance & Administration


Space assignment or change of space use requests will be analyzed to ensure the college's physical facilities are allocated in a manner that is both equitable and reflects the needs of the units and goals of the college. The objective of the process is to provide timely space assignments to maximize the utilization of college space in support of the goals of the college in alignment with Lane's vision, mission, core themes, core values, and strategic directions.

The space assignment procedure consists of four distinct phases as outlined below. The procedure starts with receipt of a completed Space Assignment Request form and ends, assuming no appeals, when an administrative decision is made. The Facilities Management and Planning Department (FMP) is concerned with the physical consequences of requests to college facilities along with their cost and timing.



  1. The Requestor completes a Space Assignment Request Form.
  2. The FMP Director assigns a qualified staff person to facilitate the space assignment process and be the "Facilitator".
  3. The Facilitator undertakes the following tasks:
    a. Meet with the requestor to understand the rationale for the request and its physical consequences. Discuss other ways to satisfy the needs.
    b. Prepare a description (written and graphic) of the request including a "Budget level" cost estimate and a time schedule.
    c. Search for a source of funds to accomplish request. Procedure stops until funds can be found.
    d. Discuss request with neighboring units and college support services to obtain their perspective.
    e. Prepare a draft Summary Report (View a sample) to include the request, response from neighbors and support services, finances and a recommendation. Report is sent to neighbors and support services for comment.
    f. Present final Summary Report to the Facilities Leadership Team for review and further action.
  4. FMP Director forwards recommendation on Final Summary Report to the Vice President for Finance & Administration for review and decision or forwarding to the Executive Team for decision.

Administrative Decision

The Vice President for Finance & Administration or the Executive Team approves, rejects or takes other action on the recommendation and returns Report to FMP to notify all parties of decision.


The requestor, neighbors or college services are the only entities permitted to appeal an administrative decision. Appeals must be based on new, relevant information not previously known. Appellant must present written appeal to Facilitator within two weeks of receiving notification. Facilitator will verify basis of appeal and FMP will discuss next steps with Vice President for Finance & Administration if appeal has sufficient merit.


The requestor submits a Work Order to FMP requesting the work to be done. FMP is responsible for implementing the Work Order.

Date Adopted

Monday, December 1, 2003

Date Last Reviewed

Friday, July 31, 2015