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Most employees are working remotely. Please either email or call for assistance.

Lane Community College
Mailroom and Warehouse
4000 East 30th Avenue
Eugene, OR 97405


Mailroom and Warehouse - 541-463-5575

Adrian McLeod - Mail Services Specialist 541-463-5575

Brendan MacDonald - Mail Services Courier 541-463-5571

Mark Richardson - Associate Director Contact - 541-463-3456
Mark's office is not near the mailroom, so he can't check for mail. Contact Adrian or Brendan about Mailroom questions or delivery timing for specific days. Contact Mark for service issues, policy issues, and questions about Printers, Copiers, Printing & Graphics, Titan Store, Warehouse, or Mailroom.

Printing and Graphics can take emergency messages or receive deliveries for the Mailroom and Warehouse if closed: 541-463-5373.


Mail deliveries will move to pick up and drop off only, for most departments. The LCC Mailroom will be open from 8am until 10:30am. These hours are subject to change. We will continue to meter mail. We will continue to pick up and drop off mail daily from the US Post Office.

Due to the location of the mailroom we will be able to accommodate a drive through system. Please enter the college from Eldon Schafer Drive and then turn into gate 5. Drive forward through the stop sign to building 7. Drive through the fence and down to the mailroom which is on your immediate left. You can get out of your car or honk your horn and someone will be out to help you with your mail or packages.

We will provide limited pickup and delivery of mail for departments that have offices that are being staffed on a daily basis. If your office is not being staff then please use the pick-up system.


Package delivery will use the same system as mail. We will attempt to notify you of a package but this is often difficult due to the information that is on the label. If you know a package has been delivered, then let us know and we can have it available with your mail. Make sure to ask about packages when you pick-up your mail. If you are expecting a critical freight delivery (palletize item(s) on a large truck) then contact me so we can make arrangements.

Paper and Toner

We have suspended delivery of toner and paper. If you have an urgent need for either send us an email to and we will hold it for pick-up.

Thank you. Stay safe!

The mailroom and warehouse handle the shipment of United States Postal Mail, Fed Ex, and UPS parcels. Please insure your shipper has included your name and and pertinent delivery information to help us get your items to you.

For deliveries to the college, not accessible by direct delivery, look for this sign at Gate 5 on the east side of campus. Contact us for a list of deliverable buildings.

Hours of operation:

Mon - Fri 9 am to 4 pm (closed Fridays during the summer).

We are often out for deliveries so please call before visiting our office. If you come by and the door is locked you may check in with Printing & Graphics for assistance.

Paper for printers and copiers are listed in the price list below, as are college branded letterhead, envelopes and mailing labels.

In addition to paper, printer toner can be ordered from the warehouse. Copier toner is managed by P/G. We no longer use ICO's. You may email our group account, which includes Warehouse and Mailroom, it is called Printing & Graphics. Or through our Print Management program, Print Shop Pro, where you can order these items in the area called Store Orders.

View information on ordering toner and paper and for requesting repair service.

Shipping/Receiving located at Gate 5

Shipping/Receiving sign on main campus