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Vehicle Scheduling and Use

In General. Vehicles, including passenger cars and vans, are available for use by the college staff on approved college business. These vehicles will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis, except when the vehicle involved has been purchased by the motor pool to meet special needs of an individual department. In this instance, that department will have priority as much as possible. Vehicle scheduling may be changed by Facilities Management and Planning, in instances where this would benefit the college. Use 25Live to schedule a vehicle, at least 24 hours in advance of a planned trip. Departments should schedule LCC Motor Pool vehicles first before using outside sources.

All drivers of any vehicle owned by Lane must possess a valid driver's license from a state in the U.S.

image of motor pool priusAll Lane drivers must be certified by Facilities Management and Planning before using college vehicles. This certification consists of registering the driver's license with Facilities Management and Planning (FMP). FMP will periodically review licenses on file to ensure they remain current and valid.

Vehicle Charges. The rate schedule will be the minimum fee of $15.00/vehicle/day or the following charge per mile driven, whichever is greater:  

  • Car and mini-van usage $.50 per actual mile driven
  • Van usage $.60 per actual mile driven

This rate schedule covers Lane gasoline pump charges, credit card charges for fuel, and equipment maintenance. (These rates may vary as gasoline prices fluctuate.) Individual departments may be charged a fee if vehicles are returned needing special attention due to user's neglect. Minimum fee of $15.00 will be charged to departments for failure to cancel scheduled vehicles and for failure to return vehicles and/or vehicle packets as scheduled.

Procedures. The following procedures will govern vehicle scheduling and use.

  1. Initial vehicle reservations may be made through 25Live.
    • Note: All vehicle reservations should be made at least 24 hours in advance to allow driver authorization information to be verified by FMP staff. It is the designated driver's responsibility to verify that all needed authorization information has been provided and that they are properly authorized to drive motor pool vehicles prior to picking up vehicles or having someone else pick up vehicles for use.
  2. When a vehicle that is scheduled is not picked up by the scheduled time, Facilities Management and Planning reserves the right to reschedule the vehicle for other uses. Cancellations should be made 24 hours in advance by calling the Facilities Management and Planning office at (541) 463-5000.
  3. A packet containing insurance information, vehicle keys, gas credit cards, and a vehicle trip form is issued by Facilities Management and Planning in Campus Services, Building 7, Room 204. Vehicle packets will be issued the business day prior to or on the same business day of the reservation. Packets must be returned completely filled out when the vehicle is returned. Gas, oil, and other receipts must be included in the packet. Failure to return the vehicle packet complete with all items will result in a minimum daily charge as noted in the vehicle charges section above.
  4. Vehicles and vehicle packets must be returned on time. Delays will disrupt the schedule of subsequent users. Gross negligence, such as failure to report an accident, will result in a loss of vehicle privileges.
  5. Vehicle gas tanks will not be filled off campus unless necessary to return to campus. A gas pump, operated by Facilities Management and Planning, is located near the northeast corner of Campus Services, Building 7. Although FMP staff will make every possible effort to fill the tanks before use, this is not always possible. Please check the fuel level before leaving campus to assure you have enough fuel for your intended use.
  6. Whenever a vehicle is filled with gas off campus, the oil level must be checked.
  7. All damages and/or accidents must be reported on the proper accident forms immediately upon return to campus.
  8. All drivers must exercise reasonable care for emergency equipment stored in the vehicles. The driver's department will be charged for any loss of such equipment. An emergency equipment check-off list is a part of the vehicle packet.
  9. Family members are not permitted to accompany staff on trips made in motor pool vehicles, unless they are also staff members or are students conducting business for the college or on an assigned field trip.
  10. Vehicle operators must observe safe and legal driving practices. They will be held personally responsible for any citations received during a trip except for cases involving equipment failure. In case of equipment failure, the college may check out the equipment and provide certifications to the driver for his/her legal defense.
  11. All drivers and passengers in college vehicles must use seat belts.
  12. No LCC vehicles are to be parked at user's home overnight. Vehicles should be returned to the LCC Main campus when not in use.
  13. Drivers are encouraged to verify that the emergency brakes are released before driving the vehicle.
  14. Drivers are encouraged also to report any vehicle issues when returning the vehicle packets. This includes burned out lamps, wiper blades that streak, low wiper fluid levels, dirty interiors, engine lights, or any functional component of the vehicle that is not working properly.
  15. Mini-Van vehicle number 30 will be "reserved" exclusively for student use. Other vehicles may be reserved in addition to this vehicle by students as other vehicles are available on a first come, first serve basis. 

Driver Regulations. The following regulations apply to all drivers, either primary or backup, of the Lane Community College vehicles while transporting students or other scheduled passengers on college business. They do not apply to persons who must drive college vehicles during an emergency or for maintenance.

  1. Eligible Drivers:
    • Lane employees
    • Students on official business
  2. Ineligible Passengers:
    • Spouses, significant others, family members
    • Pets
    • Any passenger not on official business
  3. All drivers must possess a valid Driver's License from a state in the U.S. and must be at least 18 years of age.
  4. All drivers must submit a passenger list to include names of passengers, whom to notify for each passenger in the event of an emergency, and the appropriate telephone numbers, prior to receiving the vehicle packet.
  5. Only authorized drivers meeting the above requirements may drive college vehicles. It is always a good idea to have a designated "back-up" driver for groups or when driving long distances. All "back-up" drivers must be pre-authorized per the above requirements.

Eleven-Passenger, Dual Wheel Vans. All drivers must complete a mandatory training before they will be able to schedule or use vans.

Mandatory Training Process:Image of motor pool 11 passenger van

  1. Watch the Van Safety Video. The video is 36 minutes long.
  2. Take the ATTACHED test. The point here is to train you rather than trick you, so you may want to "preview" the test before you watch, and follow along with test in hand.
  3. Provide written proof to the FMP Motor Pool Program Administration staff that you have taken and passed the test.

Facilities Management and Planning department will provide guidance information to individual departments for the scheduling of van training. After completing training all potential drivers must sign a statement saying that he/she has completed the van training. Only certified and trained drivers will be allowed and authorized to drive the 11 passenger dual wheel vans.

Mechanical Vehicle Failure: If you are stranded due to vehicle mechanical failure, and you are within 20 miles of the college, contact the main campus Facilities Office at extension 5000 for a ride back to the campus. The Facilities Office will make arrangements to have the vehicle towed back to the campus. If you are stranded farther than 20 miles from the main campus, contact the facilities office at extension 5000 and arrangements will be made to make sure you get a ride back to the main campus. If you cannot reach anyone at the main campus Facilities office, contact the Public Safety office at (541) 463-5558 or 5555 after hours. Our motor pool vehicles have proven to be very reliable so the risk of a motor pool vehicle mechanical failure is very low.

Repairs to college vehicles. No repairs will be done to college vehicles without prior approval from Facilities Management and Planning. Individual departments may be charged if repairs are done without prior approval from Facilities Management and Planning.

Revocation of driving privileges. Any person who has been identified as a problem driver while driving a motor pool vehicle or who has established a bad driving record (i.e. three driving violations/accidents within a three year period) while driving a motorpool vehicle may have their college vehicle driving privileges revoked. The following progressive driving revocations of motor pool vehicle driving privileges will be enforced:

  1. One driving violation (no accident): Notification to driver, citations paid by driver, no loss of driving privileges.
  2. One driving violation that resulted in an accident (no fault): same as number 1.
  3. One driving violation that resulted in an accident (fault): Notification to driver, citations paid by the driver, up to 1 year loss of driving privileges will be considered—depending on the magnitude of the driving violation.
  4. Two driving violations: Notification to driver, citations paid by driver, up to 2 year loss of driving privileges, depending on the magnitude of the driving violations. If an accident is incurred with fault, the driver may permanently lose motor pool vehicle driving privileges.
  5. Three driving violations: Notification to driver, citations paid by driver, and a permanent loss of motor pool driving privileges.
  6. If damage is noted of the motor pool vehicle and is not reported when then vehicle is returned, the driver will be notified, and the driver may permanently lose driving privileges of motor pool vehicles—depending on the extent of the damage.

In all of the above, the reporting college manager of the associated driver will be notified. All co-pay deductable amounts needed to repair motor pool vehicles will be paid by the associated department.

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