Wellness Resources through Lane

wellness walking team for kidsportsFitness Education Center (FEC)

Bldg 5, Rm 101

  • Independent workout
  • Cardio & weight machines
  • Friendly, knowledgeable staff

The Fitness Education Center is available to employees each quarter at a very low cost.

If you are new to the FEC, please contact Wendy Simmons (541) 463-5551 to schedule an Express Orientation.

Note: The Employee CRN is to be used by employees only. Spouses, partners, and their dependents should register via the Community Education CRN. Call (541) 463-5252 for more information on Community Education registration.

Progressive Integrative Exercise

Bldg 30, Rm 135

  • Personalized program for an injury or condition
  • Aerobic & Strength training equipment
  • Safe, fun environment for learning and improving overall health.

See catalog for class times, or contact Echo Smith in the P.E. department at ext. 5545.

Other classes offered through the Health, PE & Athletics Department:

Kickboxing, Spin, Sports, Strength Training classes and more.
Check out course listings of classes offered by Heath, PE & Athletics

Weight Watchers at Work

The At-Work Program is offered by Weight Watchers as a 13-week series of weekly meetings. Members prepay at the beginning of a series, which eliminates the collection of weekly fees. Total cost for the 13-week series varies depending on insurance benefits. Members may join on the first, second or third week, after which time the series is closed. At Work members who miss their At Work meeting may attend traditional meetings during the time frame of the series at no additional charge.

If you have questions, or are interested in joining, please contact Wendy Simmons at, (541) 463-5551.