Other Wellness Services

Other Wellness Services

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Share Your Story
Have you improved in your mental, physical, spiritual, emotional, environmental and/or spiritual wellness? If you have a success story to share, we would love to hear from you.  Contact Wendy. Go to the Wellness Success Stories page to see your amazing coworkers in action.

Blood Pressure "Office-Calls"
Have you had your blood pressure checked lately? Wendy can come to your office to measure your blood pressure, contact Wendy at (541) 463-5551.

Find an Exercise Partner
Visit the Find an Exercise Partner page for more information.

Fitness Education Center (FEC) Usage for LCC Employees
The FEC is available to employees each quarter at a very low cost. Register for the FEC in ExpressLane/Banner by entering the CRN listed. You may pick the credit or the lower cost, non-credit/audit option. If you are new to the FEC, please email or call Wendy Simmons at ext. 5551 to schedule an Express Orientation. Note: The transportation fee-free CRN is to be used by employees only. Spouses, partners, and their dependents should call the FEC at (541) 463-3987 to find out the best way to register.

Health Screenings
Do you know your numbers? We offer periodic health screenings for a $15.00 fee that includes a blood pressure check, resting heart rate, waist circumference, BMI, body fat, and a finger stick test for total cholesterol, blood glucose, HDL and LDL.

Nordic Walking Poles Available for Independent Use
Get more out of your walking by using Nordic Walking Poles as they increase heart rate, oxygen consumption and caloric expenditure more than traditional walking. In addition to leg muscles, walking with poles engages the abs, arms, shoulders and back muscles. The poles provide stability and help reduce stress in the knees and hips, and are available to check out for use. Contact Wendy Simmons at simmonsws@lanecc.edu or ext. 5551 to set up a brief orientation.

Personal Training
We can help you develop physical activity plans based on your goals. Wendy is a certified personal trainer and is happy to help you with an individualized plan. She can also provide information and demonstration on how to use exercise equipment in the FEC and offer ideas for at home. Contact Wendy for more information at ext. 5551.

Tobacco Cessation Options
Considering quitting tobacco? All employees can get support through the LCC Health Clinic at (541) 463-5665 or the Oregon Tobacco Quit Line at (800) QUIT-NOW. For those with PacificSource insurance, you may sign up for the Free & Clear Quit for Life Program and be eligible for free, doctor prescribed nicotine replacement products and other smoking cessation products such as Chantix. For more information, call 1 (888) 977-9299 or email cs@pacificsource.com

We are pleased to announce a new way for tobacco users to access Oregon Tobacco Quit Line services. Tobacco users can now go to www.quitnow.net/oregon/ to learn more about Quit Line services, read testimonials, assess where they are in the quitting process and if ready, register online for help with quitting tobacco. Upon registering, tobacco users will receive a welcome email to Web Coach, and a trained Quit Coach will call the tobacco user within 24 hours to start talking about a plan to quit. 

Wellness Coaching
Meet with Wendy Simmons to facilitate and empower yourself to achieve your health and wellness goals. Wendy will help you mobilize your internal strengths and support you in making or changing behaviors using strategies that will work for you. Wellness Coaching is about unlocking your potential to maximize your own performance and doing that is such a way that works for your lifestyle. Wendy Simmons is a Certified Wellness Coach. Contact Wendy Simmons at ext. 5551 to make an appointment.

Work Station Assessments
How is your work station treating you? Need some recommendations on posture, desk set-up, chair settings and/or keyboard placement? With your supervisor's approval, email Wendy Simmons or call her at ext. 5551. She will offer suggestions and help make your office more adaptable to your needs. The purchase of any ergonomic equipment must come from department funding. Some assistance may be available through ADA funding.