Classrooms Observations

Class Observations and Feedback

The Faculty Professional Development Program provides confidential feedback on teaching based on classroom observations. This opportunity is available to all faculty members. Upon your request, a Lane faculty member with expertise in instructional design and pedagogy as well as experience providing formal feedback to teachers will observe one of your classes or review your online course and provide suggestions on ways to enhance your teaching. You may request either general feedback or input on a specific aspect of teaching (e.g. appropriate use of technology, promotion of active learning, classroom management, etc.) After the observation or review, your observer will arrange to meet with you to provide feedback and give you all notes from the observation. This program is not part of any evaluation system, and all feedback will be completely confidential and constructive. At the present time, we are fortunate to have two qualified faculty members who are available to observe classes and provide feedback. (Please see Susan Reddoor's and Merrill Watrous' bios below.) Please fill out the Feedback Request Form if you would like to take advantage of this opportunity.

Susan Reddoor:

Susan Reddoor is a faculty member in the Academic Learning Skills Department. She has participated in Quality Matters training for online course evaluators, as well as the League for Innovation Basic Education Online Project. Prior to joining the Lane Community College faculty in 2002, Susan was an Assistant Professor in the College of Education at Montana State University, Northern for five years. She served on a state board for teacher training certification, taught education foundation and content-area methods courses full time, and supervised student teachers and practicum students in the surrounding school districts. In addition, Susan was the lead faculty member of a "Preparing Tomorrow's Teachers for Technology" three-year federal project coordinating teacher training at five tribal colleges throughout the state of Montana.

Merrill Watrous:

Merrill began teaching in 1971. She taught in K12 for 20 years, graduate classes on the teaching of writing, reading, and children's literature for 5 years, and at LCC for 8 years. Merrill teaches K12 teachers through the National Council of Teachers of English, the National Writing Program, and the JSMA at the U of O. She published one book on the teaching of art and writing with Simon and Schuster and is currently doing final revisions for a second book on the same topic. Merrill has also published widely in magazines for teachers of adult learners and has won various teaching awards.

Though Merrill supervises practicum students through Lane's Cooperative education program every term, she is both excited and a bit anxious about offering the same service to her colleagues. As a Co-op instructor at Lane, she watches students teach and provides them with feedback on: the strategies they choose, the language they use to implement those strategies, and evidence of relationship-building between teacher and student that she observes. She would be pleased to provide the same kinds of feedback for Lane teachers; she knows that by doing so she will learn a great deal.  She looks forward to learning more about the work her colleagues do and to being part of a conversation about the art of teaching and about how best to serve students. Merrill is still learning how best to use technology in the classroom in an efficient and student-friendly way; her expertise in this area is limited. 

For additional information, please contact FPD Coordinator, Adrienne Mitchell at or (541) 463-5871.