Discipline Contact Grants

Discipline Contact Grants

Discipline Contact grants allow faculty within disciplines at Lane to learn about and participate in the discussions and research taking place within professional organizations, industry groups, other schools, grant funded projects, etc. Each LCC discipline group (approximately 70 disciplines) may be given a grant of up to $750 for this purpose. This money can be used for:

  1. Professional memberships
  2. Journal subscriptions
  3. Books (books in content areas and/or in pedagogy)

Funds are limited. Please apply only for necessary expenditures to ensure equitable distribution of funds.

How to Apply:

Provide the following information in an email to Aryn Bartley, FPD coordinator:

  1. The name of your discipline and the names of Lane faculty members in your discipline
  2. A description of your discipline request -- a budget with a brief explanation of how the request establishes better contact with thinking about teaching in your discipline or with your discipline directly
  3. A contact person from the faculty in your discipline

Attach the request, budget, and explanation to an email (or paste it in an email), and send it to Aryn Bartley (bartleya@lanecc.edu). One request per discipline.

You will be contacted soon after sending the request. You may be asked to clarify your request. For example, this money is not to be spent for instructional materials, but rather for specific journals, fees, etc. related to your discipline and/or to pedagogy in your discipline -- requests for instructional materials are likely to be rejected unless you can show an explicit connection between these materials and learning about your discipline or pedagogy in your discipline.

Funding Process:

There are three ways to process the funding:

  • Credit Card Payment: If the payment can be made via credit card, FPD now has the capability to make that payment for you. Please send all the necessary information to Leah Smith (smithl@lanecc.edu), along with a copy of the email from Aryn Bartley approving the funds, and she will take care of that payment for you.
  • Personal payment for reimbursement from FPD. Steps to follow: 1) One of the people involved in the application purchases the materials listed in the application, saving the receipts. 2) Print and fill out the FPD Reimbursement Form. The remainder of the form will be filled out by FPD. 3) Attach receipts to the form and send through intercampus mail to "Leah Smith, FPD" along with a copy of the email sent by Aryn Bartley approving your grant.
  • Department payment for reimbursement from FPD. Steps to follow: 1) The department pays for the materials. 2) Once the payment is posted to ExpressLane, the department admin prints a copy of the screen showing the expense, highlight the expense. 3) Fill out an ICO and attach the ExpressLane print out and the grant approval email.  4) Send all pieces from step 3 via intercampus mail to "Leah Smith, FPD".