IT Project Portfolio

Information Technology Project portfolio

The Five Year Technology Themes developed by the Technology Council in 2015, consists of 9 themes (also known as programs). Each theme consists of one or more specific projects. These individual projects, which roll-up into the 9 programs, are the overall project portfolio of your Information Technology division at Lane Community College.

Picture of Lane Information Technology JediInformation Technology Five Year Technology Themes 2015 - 2020

  • FastLANE - Provide appropriate, sustainably fast, hardware with appropriate software that is reliable, secure and allows students and employees to work effectively in classrooms, offices, labs and other learning areas.
  • AnalyzeLANE - Continue the development of reporting tools, dashboards and business analytics to give employees of Lane actionable information to achieve the mission of the college.
  • DegreeLANE - Provide tools for student success and completion.
  • AgileLANE - Provide project leadership and management for the information systems projects of the college using the Agile project development framework.
  • StreamLANE - Provide business process redesign and systems analysis services to help improve systems and processes throughout the college.
  • DigitalLANE - Provide a cohesive, integrated digital presence that serves the needs of students, faculty and staff.
  • SustainLANE - Provide enterprise resource planning system services (ERP), email, Learning Management Software (LMS), and other systems to support college administrative and teaching operations. Maintain the servers and systems software through operating system and application upgrades. Evaluate, implement, and communicate about new software and hardware releases to faculty, staff and students. Keep services highly available and accessible to as many device types as possible without compromising security. Provide adequate local and wide-area network wired and wireless services for the campus.
  • LANEOnline - Provide appropriate technologies and course development strategies to enable effective instruction across face-to-face, hybrid and online modalities. Support sustainable teaching and learning practices such as Open Educational Resources (OER) adoption and implementation. Support faculty to implement student centered learning through standards based instructional design.
  • InnovateLANE - Keep a watchful eye on the horizon for emerging tools, processes and methods, allowing for exploration, experimentation and lay. Listen to and try to implement good ideas from all constituencies.

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