About Academic Program Review at Lane

About Academic Program Review at Lane

This page includes:

  • Purpose and Outcomes
  • Academic Program Review Oversight Committee Working Charter
  • Lane Board of Education Policy pertaining to Academic Program Review
  • Terms and Acronyms
  • Process, Responsibilities and Decision Making
  • Stakeholder Roles and Responsibilities
  • Background of APR at Lane

Academic Program Review is a faculty-led structure for planning and continuous improvement of Lane's instructional programs. The purpose is to collaboratively, systematically, and critically assess Lane’s programs for effectiveness, to identify necessary adjustments, and to provide a mechanism to institute and evaluate changes. Desired outcomes from the program review process include:

  • Enriching disciplinary communities of practice through sustained collaborative engagement in the APR process
  • Clarifying program mission and goals
  • Improving the learning environment and student achievement of learning outcomes  
  • Optimizing program development and improvement
  • Creating systematic links between course-, program- and college-level planning and resource allocation

Academic Program Review Oversight Committee Working Charter

Guiding Principles for Academic Program Review:

This two-page overview describes the APR purpose, self-study, recommendations and implementation phases, structure, process and responsibilities.

Lane Board of Education Policy

Lane Board of Education policy governing Academic Program Review provides high-level guidance for APR.

APR Terms and Acronyms


  • APROC, Academic Program Review Oversight Committee
  • FC, Faculty Council
  • IR, Institutional Research Assessment and Planning
  • D, Dean of division of unit carrying out program review
  • AVP, Associate Vice President 
  • VP, Vice President to whom the Dean reports
  • IEC, Institutional Effectiveness Committee
  • BO, Budget Office
  • PRC, Program Review Committee
  • AMT, Administration Management Team (D + AVP + VP)
  • EPRC, External Program Review Committee
  • IC, Invitation Committee
  • IST, Implementation Steering Team

Process, Roles, Responsibilities and Decision Making