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List of Academic Programs

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About Defining a "Program" at Lane

At Lane, the definition of an academic program is based on outcomes, articulation/transfer considerations as well as integrated functions.

"All credit-bearing courses and related academic activities (such as the Library and Tutoring Services) undertake Academic Program Review. The college uses multiple criteria to group all academic courses into meaningful units for the purposes of assessment, analysis, planning, alignment, and improvement. These criteria, which are evolving with Lane's research and experience with APR, include: a common set of outcomes (e.g., Writing or Physical Therapy Assistant); a related set of outcomes (e.g., French and Spanish Languages); articulation/transfer considerations (e.g., Engineering Mathematics); integrated institutional function (Tutoring or Academic Technology)."

Programs Undergoing Academic Program Review

Updated 4/25/2019 (subject to revision) Link to Program Lists

1) 2D Art 
2) 3D Art
3) Academic Learning Skills (ALS)
4) Adult Basic and Secondary Education (ABSE)
5) Anatomy and Physiology
6) Anthropology
7) Apprenticeship
8) Art History
9) Automotive Technology
10) Aviation Academy
11) Biology
12) Business Department (Accounting, Business, Management, Office Administration)
13) Chemistry
14) CIT Network Operations
15) CIT Programming
16) Commercial Unmanned Aerial Systems
17) Communication Studies
18) Computer Network Security
19) Construction Technology
20) Criminal Justice
21) Culinary Arts and Hotel/Restaurant/ Tourism Management (CAHRTM)
22) Cyber Security
23) Dance
24) Dental Assisting
25) Dental Hygiene
26) Diesel Technology
27) Drafting
28) Early Childhood Education
29) Earth and Environmental Science
30) Economics
31) Education
32) Emergency Medical Technician & Paramedic
33) Energy Management
34) ESL: Community English
35) ESL: Intensive English
36) Ethnic Studies
37) Fabrication and Welding Technology
38) Fitness and Lifestyle Specialist
39) Flight Technology
40) Geography and GIS
41) Graphic Design
42) Health Education
43) Health Information Management
44) History
45) Human Services
46) Language Studies: Chinuk Wawa
47) Language Studies: Spanish, French
48) Literature/Film
49) Manufacturing Technology
50) Mathematics: Career-Technical
51) Mathematics: Developmental
52) Mathematics: Engineering
53) Mathematics: Transfer
54) Medical Assistant
55) Multimedia
56) Music
57) Nursing
58) Philosophy
59) Physical Education
60) Physical Therapist Assistant
61) Physics and Astronomy
62) Political Science
63) Psychology
64) Simulation and Game Development
65) Sociology
66) Sustainability Coordinator
67) Theatre
68) Tutoring
69) Water Conservation Mgt
70) Women's Studies
71) Writing