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Anne McGrail, Academic Program Review Oversight Committee Chair,, (541) 463-3317

Mai Mathers, Academic Program Review Administrative Coordinator,, (541) 463-5205

Academic Program Review Oversight Committee Members

  • Shannon Ball, ESL Faculty
  • Dennis Gilbert, Physics Faculty 
  • Sharon Hagan, Dental Hygiene Faculty
  • Christina Howard, Physical Therapist Assistant Program Coordinator and Faculty
  • Rachel Knighten, Language Studies: Spanish Faculty
  • Mai Mathers, APR Administrative Coordinator, Planning & Institutional Effectiveness
  • Anne McGrail, APROC Chair and English Faculty
  • Tammy Salman, Faculty Coordinator, Assessment and Curriculum Development
  • Jennifer Steele, Associate Vice President for Planning & Institutional Effectiveness
  • Kate Sullivan, English Faculty
  • Cathy Thomas, Institutional Research