The Micheal Rose Writing Loft

Michael Rose Writing Loft

The Michael Rose Writing Loft is a multipurpose student and faculty resource space for communication- and writing-related activities, including finding a quiet space to write or grade, providing or participating in communication and writing workshops, conferencing with students, meeting to discuss teaching, and more.

The Loft has a main area in the center and three small rooms on the side: the Reading Nook with faculty resources related to reading and writing pedagogy, the Speech Prep area that is designated right now as space for students to practice speeches, and the Maker Space for students to work on multimodal projects. The Reading Nook, Speech Prep area, and Maker Space are available on a first-come, first-serve basis whenever the door is open. A Writing and Communication Coach will staff the space and be available for drop-in support on MWF afternoons and at other times as requested.

The main area of the Writing Loft is available to college employees for communication and writing-related activities. For spring 2018, the Writing Loft will be open during regular Writing Center+ hours (MTh 9-4, TW 9-5, and F 9-2). Outside of these hours, it is available for request with at least a week's notice.

If you would like to use the Writing Loft, please fill out this form. We will evaluate your request within 24 hours.