Computer Labs and Equipment Checkout

Media Arts Computer Labs and Equipment Checkout

Equipment Checkout Location: Building 17, basement, room number 108 C
Phone: (541) 463-5689
Equipment Checkout Information

Media Arts Computer Labs: Schedules for Fall Term 2013 to be posted

The following labs are open to all students enrolled in Media Arts curriculum. All software used in Media Arts courses is available in these labs.

Other Labs on campus

ILC Open Lab
building 2 room 216
hours: 8am-5pm M-F.
This lab is for all Lane CC students. There are five Macs with CS5.5 software. No other media software is available.

Media Arts Computer Lab Policy


  • Do not unplug cables or modify the Computer Workstation.
  • You may modify the furniture and chair
  • Please be quiet and respectful to others at all times
  • Please silence your mobile devices while in the labs
  • Use the lobby area or outdoors for conversation and phone calls
  • No eating or drinking beverages
  • Please keep your feet off of the furniture
  • Please pick up after yourself
  • Please log off when you are done working on the computer

*Open Lab hours will be posted and will change term to term. Lab hours vary during finals week.
Check the lab for the current terms schedule.