Honors Program

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The Lane Honors Program provides students with a transformative learning experience centered around scholarly inquiry, academic rigor and intellectual growth. Through challenging coursework, independent study, special seminars and a capstone project, students develop their critical thinking skills, creativity and intellectual curiosity.

Students admitted into the Honors Program receive many educational benefits, including:

  • collaborative learning with other engaged students
  • faculty mentorship
  • dynamic classes that allow for discussion and debate
  • e-portfolio instruction
  • honors events, symposiums and receptions

After completing the Lane Honors Program, students transferring to four-year institutions will be well-prepared for upper division coursework and university honors programs. Non-transfer students can enroll in and benefit from the Honors Program as well.

This multifaceted, interdisciplinary program provides all participating students with research, reasoning and writing skills that will enhance their experience as engaged global citizens and encourage a lifelong love of learning.

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The Scholars International Floor at Titan Court

Are you ready for a transormative learning and living experience? Whether you are a current or prospective honors student, take a look at the new Scholars International Floor at Titan Court. End units on the top floor of Titan Court provide a scholarly, internationally-focused living space ideally suited for honors students. Everyone signing a new lease also receives a Windows Source tablet.

Please contact us with questions and comments or to request additional information: honors@lanecc.edu