Instructional Scheduling

Contact Instructional Scheduling:

Robin Geyer
Phone: (541) 463-3174

Instructional Scheduling

The instructional Scheduler oversees the assignment of main campus classroom spaces, maintains the 25Administrative Utility and coordinates class section data in 25Live, 25Admin and Banner. 

Lane Classroom Definitions

Classrooms - these rooms are used for a variety of classes and do not typically have specialized equipment that may pose a hazard to students or staff not trained in its use, e.g. equipment found in an auto tech or chemistry lab.

All classrooms are designated as one of the following:

  • Open
  • Pre-Assigned/Not Blocked
  • Pre-Assigned/Blocked

Laboratory - is a room or building equipped for experimentation, research or testing and that equipment may pose a danger to students or staff not trained in its use. Laboratories are blocked spaces. 

Lecture/Lab - is a dual-purpose room appropriate for both lecture and lab use and are may be blocked spaces.

Classroom Assignments

The priority in which instructional spaces are scheduled is as follows:

  1. credit class sections
  2. non-credit class sections
  3. events—a non-instructional meeting or gathering that is not CRN-based

Lane classes have priority over events or meetings and may be removed if the space is needed for a class. Notification will be sent to the event requester if the reserved space is needed for a class.

Final Exams

Lane has a standard final exam schedule the should be adhered to. See the Final Exam Schedule.