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Continuing Education


(541) 463-6115

Primary Contact

Lida Herburger

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Responsible Executive Authority

Executive Dean, Academics, Career Transfer


This procedure describes how to request a refund for a Continuing Education class.


Continuing Education students must officially drop their class(es) by the deadline listed in the Lane Community College class schedule to receive a refund or have their account credited. 

  • Eugene students can drop their class(es) within the specified time frame by calling the Continuing Ed office at (541) 463-6100, or by coming in person to the Continuing Education Department at the Downtown Campus, 101 W 10th Ave., Suite 119, Eugene, OR 97401.
  • Cottage Grove students may drop class(es) by calling LCC at Cottage Grove at (541) 463-4202, or by visiting the Cottage Grove Center, 1275 S. River Road, Cottage Grove, OR.
  • Students registered in classes at the Florence Center can request a drop by calling (541) 997-8444, coming in person to the Florence Center, 3149 Oak Street, Florence, OR 97439 or by selecting “drop class” through the “myEnrollment” tab on their myLane account (Florence only).

Exceptions for refund requests submitted after the deadline may be made for students with extraordinary circumstances. 

  • Requests for exceptions from Eugene students should be made in writing to Continuing Education at
  • Cottage Grove students requesting an exception should send an email detailing the extraordinary circumstances to  
  • Florence students may request an exception by filling out a Refund Request form, available at the Florence Center.

Date Adopted

Saturday, May 1, 1999

Date Last Reviewed

Tuesday, December 1, 2015