South Eugene High School

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South Eugene High School 2014-2015
Articulation Agreement as of 01/29/15

High School Course TitleLCC Course TitleCourse NumberCreditsInstructor
Advanced Web DesignIntro to Web DesignART 2882Taylor
Computer Applications: MS Excel for BusinessMS EXCEL for BusinessBT 1234Taylor
Computer Applications: MS PowerPoint for BusinessMS POWERPOINT for BusinessBT 1223Taylor
Computer Applications: MS WORD for BusinessMS WORD for BusinessBT 1203Taylor
Computer FundamentalsComputer FundamentalsCIS 1013Taylor
Advanced Computer TopicsSW Tools 1: Game DevelopmentCIS 125G4Taylor
Mobile APP InventorSW Tools 1: Mobile APP DevelopmentCIS 125M4Taylor
Intro to Early ChildhoodIntro to Early ChildhoodECE 1202Rimbey
Child Psychology 1, 2, & Adv. Child PsychologyTheory & Supervised Teaching 1ECE 1403Rimbey
Advanced Child PsychologyCreative Activities for ChildrenECE 1503Rimbey
AP LiteratureIntro to Literature: FictionENG 1044Babbs
AP LiteratureIntro to Literature: DramaENG 1054Babbs
AP LiteratureIntro to Literature: PoetryENG 1064Babbs
 Environmental Science BTerrestrial EnvironmentENVS 1814Harvey
 Environmental Science AAtmospheric Environment & PopulationENVS 1824Harvey
Environmental Science A & BAquatic EnvironmentENVS 1834Harvey
French 1First Year FrenchFR 1015Stasack/Bahr
French 2First Year FrenchFR 1025Stasack/Bahr
French 3First Year FrenchFR 1035Bahr
Expressions/ImmersionFirst Year FrenchFR 1035Stasack
French 4ASecond Year FrenchFR 2015Bahr
LeMonde Francophone (Immersion)Second Year FrenchFR 2015Stasack
French 4BSecond Year FrenchFR 2025Bahr
French APSecond Year FrenchFR 2025Stasack
French IBSecond Year FrenchFR 2035Stasack
Graphic Design 7222Intro to Graphic DesignGD 1101Saraceno
Work ExperienceGeneral Work ExperienceGWE 1801-6Taylor
Human Anatomy & Physiology1Human Body Systems 1HO 1503Stewart
Human Anatomy & Physiology 2Human Body Systems 2HO 1523Stewart
Child Psychology 1 & 2Child DevelopmentHDFS 2263Rimbey
Aide in Child Care CenterIndependent Study: Child DevelopmentHDFS 2981-6Rimbey
Southfork CateringRestaurant OperationsHRTM 1053Dunkin
JournalismNews Writing 1J 2163Willis
College AlgebraCollege AlgebraMTH 1115Weiherman
College TrigonometryTrigonometryMTH 1124Weiherman
Spanish 3Spanish, First-YearSPAN 1035Davis/Sabala
Spanish 4Spanish, Second-YearSPAN 2015Davis
AP Spanish 5ASpanish, Second-YearSPAN 2025Williams
AP Spanish 5BSpanish, Second-YearSPAN 2035Williams
AP Language & CompositionIntroduction to College WritingWR 1154Prater
AP Language & CompositionIntroduction to Academic WritingWR 1214Prater
AP Language & CompositionArgument, Style & ResearchWR 1224Prater