Siuslaw High School

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Siuslaw High School 2014-2015
Articulation Agreement as of 02/27/15

High School Course TitleLCC Course TitleCourse NumberCreditsInstructor
Creative ArtsBasic Design: FundamentalsART 1153Pickell
Ceramic ArtsCeramics: Hand BuildingART 2503Pickell
Medical TerminologyMedical Terminology 1HO 1003Mitchell
Anatomy & PhysiologyHuman Body Systems 1HO 1503Mitchell
Anatomy & PhysiologyHuman Body Systems 2HO 1523Mitchell
College History of Western Civilization 101History of Western CivilizationHST 1013O'Mara
College History of Western Civilization 102History of Western CivilizationHST 1023O'Mara
College History of Western Civilization 103History of Western CivilizationHST 1033O'Mara
College US History 201History of the United StatesHST 2013O'Mara
College US History 202History of the United StatesHST 2023O'Mara
College US History 203History of the United StatesHST 2033O'Mara
College AlgebraCollege AlgebraMTH 1115Estill
TrigonometryTrigonometryMTH 1124Estill
Calculus 1Calculus 1 (Differential Calculus)MTH 2515Estill
Calculus 2Calculus 2 (Integral Calculus)MTH 2525Estill
College English: WR 121Composition: Exposition and Introduction to ArgumentWR 1214Wartnik
College English: WR 122Composition: Style and ArgumentWR 1224Wartnik