Sheldon High School

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Sheldon High School 2014-2015 
Articulation Agreement as of 09/01/2014

High School Course TitleLCC Course TitleCourse NumberCreditsInstructor
Art I & IIBasic Design FundamentalsART 1153Herbst
Drawing 1 & 2Introduction to DrawingART 1313Herbst
Photo 1 & 2Photography 1ART 2613Herbst
Introduction to BusinessIntroduction to BusinessBA 1014Phillipo
Intro to Business II: Sports & EntertainmentMarketingBA 2234Phillipo
MS EXCELMS EXCEL for BusinessBT 1234Merfeld/Zink/Phillipo
MS PowerPointMS POWERPOINT for BusinessBT 1223Merfeld/Zink/Phillipo
Integrated Computer ApplicationsMS WORD for BusinessBT 1203Merfeld/Zink/Phillipo
College Now ChemistryGeneral Chemistry 1CH 2215Whalley
College Now ChemistryGeneral Chemistry 2CH 2225Whalley
College Now ChemistryGeneral Chemistry 3CH 2235Whalley
9th TechnologyComputer FundamentalsCIS 1013Merfeld/Zink/Phillipo
Game ProgrammingSW Tools1: Game DevelopmentCIS 125G4Merfeld/Zink/Phillipo
Fundamentals of Dance TechniqueFundamentals of Dance TechniqueD 1522McChesney-Henry
Architectural DraftingArchitectural Drafting-PlansDRF 1374Phillipo
Beginning CADCAD 1DRF 1674Phillipo
Advanced Computer Applications CAD IVBuilding Information ModelingDRF 2204Phillipo
Advanced Technical DrawingSolid ModelingDRF 2453Phillipo
French 3First-Year FrenchFR 1035Barley/Murchinson
French 4Second-Year FrenchFR 2015Barley/Murchinson
French 5Second-Year FrenchFR 2025Barley
French 6Second-Year FrenchFR 2035Barley
Graphic DesignIntro to Graphic DesignGD 1101Zink
Work ExperienceGeneral work ExperienceGWE 1803-12Phillipo
Wind EnsembleMusic FundamentalsMUS 1013Murrell
College AlgebraCollege AlgebraMTH 1115Hellwege/Sitton
TrigonometryCollege TrigonometryMTH 1125Hellwege/Sitton
Yoga & FitnessYoga BeginningPE 185Y1McChesney-Henry
Spanish 3Spanish, First-YearSPAN 1035Albrich/Murchinson
Spanish 4 AP/IBSpanish, Second-YearSPAN 2015Albrich
Spanish 5 AP/IBSpanish, Second-YearSPAN 2025Albrich
Spanish Immersion 10: Lit/CompSpanish, Second-YearSPAN 2025Albrich
Spanish 6 AP/IBSpanish, Second-YearSPAN 2035Albrich
Spanish Immersion 11: Lit/CompSpanish, Second-YearSPAN 2035Engstrom
Intro to College WritingIntro to College WritingWR 1154Tierney
College WritingComposition: Exposition & Introduction to ArgumentWR 1214Tierney
College WritingComposition: Style & ArgumentWR 1224Tierney