Admission and Registration Procedures

College Now Instructors
Easy Online Admission and Registration Procedures

Before you begin registering students:

  • Have your class CRN (Course Registration Number)
  • A personal unique email account is required for each student.
  • Students can create a free email address by selecting a provider (Google, Hotmail, Yahoo) and fill out an online application form.
  • Have students bring their "L" numbers or, if possible, have them set up "L" numbers prior to registering your entire class. Instructions for first-time users is below. (Hint: it isn't as daunting as it looks!)
  • Know who your high school "look up person" is and/or have a list of "L" numbers for your students.
  • Request "blue cards" from your look-up person for students to record their "L" numbers.

If you encounter problems in the registration process:

  • Different error messages may appear in the process for some students for a wide variety of reasons. Don't let you or your students become discouraged.
  • Pam or Marilyn are happy to get your calls or emails and answer questions. What you need to provide is student name, DOB, L# (if you have it), and it is always helpful if you can provide the error message (if there is one and where in the process the student found it).
  • LCC College Now phone # is (541) 463-5521.
  • Pam's email is  Marilyn's e-mail is

Students with "L" numbers - Registration Process

  • Access the Lane Community College website at
  • In the bottom right-hand corner of the home page--Click on myLane icon
  • Enter your "L" number (user ID) and your 12-16 character PIN/Password. Log-in.
  • Click on myEnrollment.
  • In the Registration Tools box--Click on Add/Drop Classes
  • Select the proper term (i.e. Fall 2013) Click on submit
  • Enter the CRN (Course Registration Number) and Click on Submit Changes
  • Check to make sure you registered into the correct class.

Applying for Admissions to Lane Commubnity College as First Time Students (without "L" number)

Admission to LANE CC: Applying for your L# (User ID) 

  •  Go to
  •  In the yellow bar, center of the page, Click on "Admissions".
  •  Under "Applying for Admission" click on College Now.
  •  Scroll to the bottom and below "LogIn" click on First Time User Account Creation.
  •  Leave blank the section "Create a Login ID.
  •  Create a 12-16 character PIN/Password, using both numbers and letters.  Write it down! As you will need this
     PIN/Password when you log-in to myLane to register for your class(es).
  •  Click Log-In.
  •  You will receive a Generated ID number. Write it down! Click Continue.
  •  Choose College Now High School Class from the Application Type scroll down menu at the bottom of the page.
     Click Continue.
  •  Select your term from the pull down menu.
  •  Type in your first and last names. Click Fill out Application. It will take you to a screen with 4 items. 
     Click on Name to begin.
  •  As you finish each page, click on Continue until you have provided all required items. Once you finish the Application Checklist you will see a screen with 4 checkmarks. (If any of the sections does NOT have a checkmark, click on that section and complete it.) Click Application is Complete.
  • Your L# will appear in bold type in the middle of the page. WRITE IT DOWN on one of the blue cards provided, and continue on to direction #13.  If you do NOT see your L#, tell your instructor. (S)He will need the generated ID number you received in instruction #8.
  • Click on Access Web for Student. You will be asked to change your PIN/Password number. Follow instructions for creating a new 12-16 character PIN/Password. Click on Login.
  • You will be asked to provide two Verification Security Questions. Select questions with an answer that you will NOT FORGET. Continue to verify your address and/or email if asked.  
  • Click on Enrollment and Student Financial Services.
  • Click on Registration and Books.
  • Click on Add/Drop Classes.
  • Select correct Term from drop down menu (i.e. Fall 2013).
  • Enter the correct CRN# (Course Registration Number).
  • Click on Submit Changes. Be sure that you see that you are registered for the correct class. If you see another class listed Raise Your Hand.
  • Log off and close your browser.